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风雨送春归 ,飞雪迎春到




As the winter comes, THIS students from Grade 5 completed a three-dimensional plum blossom project which took one and a half months. 


Let’s look at their amazing learning outcomes!


” A few plum twigs at the corner of the wall. Blossoming all alone, defying the cold!” — to draw the plum blossoms, the students first learned the Chinese painting method. Then, they practiced drawing the branches of the plum tree capturing the characteristics of plum blossoms. This careful learning resulted in interesting class works.


In order to make the plum blossom more vivid, the 5th grade students explored a new art medium: heat shrinkable material. First, students drew plum blossoms on the heat-shrinkable worksheet, then they colored the blossoms with Chinese painting pigments, color pencils or markers. Finally, they heated and shaped the material into three-dimensional plum blossoms with gorgeous colors.


also, to add another dimension to their plum blossom drawings, the students also installed circuits. By touching the plum blossoms with these installations, the drawings lit up!


Finally, the students made a large collective art piece with the “plum” theme. Class members designed and drew one square meter of traditional Chinese painting, heated and shrank more than 40 plum blossoms, selected appropriate branches and wrapped the plum blossoms on the branches with metal wires. In this project, every student contributed their valuable strengths.


Art making is creative, and exploring different materials provides many possibilities for artistic expression. We look forward to seeing more unique pieces from our THIS students.



The Eastern Art course at THIS aims to spread traditional Chinese culture and to strengthen students’ understanding and identification. The course also introduces the diverse arts of various Asian countries. Students are introduced to five major areas of study: art history, calligraphy art, painting art, crafts, and interdisciplinary integration courses. 

The Eastern Art course takes the solar term as the main context, and students’ exploration themes and learning materials are launched with the change of the solar term. Weather, hydrology, seasons, festivals and customs are all creative materials for students. Students observe their social life and understand the profound historical traditions, so as to understand Chinese culture and create works of art.

文字 Writing | Ying Ma

排版 Editing | Mia Gu

图片 Pictures | Ying Ma, Mia Gu

审核 Auditing |  Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Toni Dong, Wenping Li

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