THIS is proud to offer a wide range of after school programming to enhance our students’ experience. The Primary School, Middle School, and High School all have a very active sports & clubs program. For students not interested in sports or looking to join multiple things, THIS offers a wide variety of clubs which are organized by third party companies at the primary level and student and staff lead in Middle and High School.

Community Building Trip Programs
Chinese Culture Trip Programs
Active Student Clubs

THIS Clubs

After School Activities (ASA) at THIS for Primary School students center around our core value of Discovery. We provide opportunities for our students to participate in a range of activities in five different areas: Sportsmanship and Movement, Creative and Performing Arts, Cultural Diversity, Practical Skills, and STEM. All of our activities are driven by student interest and change on a rotating schedule throughout the year. Some classes, such as Kung fu and guitar, are offered all year in order for the students to gain more mastery and understanding. The Secondary school offers a wide variety of student-organized clubs as well as teacher-led clubs. These clubs are based on students’ interests.

THIS Field Trips

At THIS we strive to provide your child with hands-on opportunities to learn both within the classroom and outside the walls of our institution. As such, every year teachers, departments, and clubs organize trips, big and small to further engage your child. Over the last two years, THIS has also made it a priority to further develop the international opportunities available to our students. We now have an official exchange program in Italy. Besides content-related trips, THIS begins each year with a ‘community building trip’ to connect students to the core values of THIS such as collaboration, Engagement, and Spartan Spirit.

2023-2024 Club List

Grade 6-12 Clubs

Cycling Club

Cycling Club is a community created by bike enthusiasts for bike enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline from short sprints or peaceful afternoon rides, Cycling Club is for you!

Baking Club

The Baking Club is for students to have fun and enjoy the tasty snacks that they bake. This club is for students who want to take a break from school and to socialize while learning how to bake.

Board Game Club

The Board Game Club fosters critical thinking skills and logical thinking ability. We also have fun interacting with the student body by playing table top games.

Chess Club

The Chess Club brings together chess-loving students and helps to develop their chess skills through learning openings, tactics, and participating in citywide or schoolwide tournaments. Students also participate in different variants of chess such as chess960, bughouse, and 4-player chess.

Chinese Band

The Chinese Band is a community for THIS students to share their talents of playing Chinese traditional instruments. We perform at the opening/closing ceremonies for in school events as well as charity concerts. We hope to share the charm of Chinese traditional music to more people.

Chinese Author Circle

Students will enhance their Chinese writing skills and use their creativity to create a Chinese book!

Harry Potter Club

In the Harry Potter Club, students will do all types of Harry Potter related things, which include making Butterbeer, playing trivia games, watching Harry Potter movies, and making wands.

Roots and Shoots

Here is where the passionates gather and work together towards addressing environmental problems we had observed: The dissapearing of San Jiang Yuan, desertification in Alxa, pollution created by fast fashion, etc. Donations were raised, monthly comics were made, and other small events were held in THIS, working to build an environmental friendly school community(Supplies, clothing, book drives, etc.)


SciNex provides a platform for students interested in STEAM-oriented fields to share their experiences through student presentations of topics of interest. SciNex offers tutorship, internship and competition opportunities, and guest lectures.

Spartans Magazine

Spartans is a student-run bi-monthly magazine that is dedicated to be the voice of the students and a free platform for expression. The club consists of writers, designers, and is in collaboration with Studio 35 to make weekly video announcements during homeroom. Spartans welcomes passionate writers, thoughtful thinkers, and students looking to improve their English skills to share their views and opinions. The design department welcomes creative designers and photographers interested in typesetting and art.

Studio 35

As the club in charge of both the photography and videography at THIS, Studio 35 produces not only photos, recordings, montages, and interview videos for school events, but also weekly Video Announcements with Spartans and cover shots for the three magazine clubs: English, Chinese newspaper, and UNIT-E . The club earns money from covering events and doing photoshoots outside of school and reinvests the money into the production of school media.

Traditional Dance Club

This is a club which students will practice some classical dance such as ballet, Chinese dance, etc. Students will be prepared to perform in some school activities.

Aviation, Space, and Flying Club

🚀 Explore the Aviation and Space Club! 🌌

Discover the thrill of aviation, space, and flight with us! Dive into history, build LEGO airplanes, and experience flight simulators.

🛩️ What’s in Store:
– **Lego Aircraft Building:** Design and compete with LEGO planes.
– **Cosmic Exploration:** Learn about space travel and celestial bodies.
– **Flight Simulators:** Take control of virtual aircraft.

🚁 Who Can Join:
All students passionate about aviation and space are welcome—no experience needed!

Let’s reach for the skies together! 🚀🌠

Kids Read 2023-24

Kids Read is a competition reading Team for Middle School Students who love reading and want to compete against other International Schools. Students work in teams of four to answer detailed questions about 24 books.

Hazel Grace Lancaster Club

HGL members assist the library in planning events for students, as well as in helping to maintain the library.

Writer's Circle

Writer’s Circle is a club for aspiring writers who wish to develop their skills through writing articles, short stories, and poems for the school magazine or yearbook, and/or publish an original novel.

MG-NET Dance Club

MG-Net Dance club leads members to learn various popular dances in order to encourage students to explore and find passion in dancing. Students could learn a variety of styles: jazz, hip-hop, K-pop, urban, wacking, etc. Performance opportunities including the school events such as Talent Shows, Art Festival, club fair, dance battle.etc.

Economics Club

This is a club where we gather people who have interest and the desire of unlocking their economics study potential, to learn and use this knowledge. One of our plans would be to study parts of this course based on the voting (since the study of economics is extremely broad), and if possible, gain some competition experience.
Grade 6-8 Clubs

MS Chinese Debate Club

Chinese Debate Club is dedicated to training students on debating skills, critical thinking, and evidence-based argumentation. Students have the opportunity to practice defending their own arguments and analyzing topics from different perspectives. The club hosted a tournament in 2018-2019 at THIS and attended several tournaments in Beijing and other cities. Students in the club will have the opportunity to participate in these tournaments and learn about debating through their own experiences.

MS Speech and Debate Club

The Middle School Speech and Debate Club is about learning how to command your voice. Through research and practice conducted during and after our weekly meetings, students will learn the necessary skills of persuasion and critical thinking. Most importantly, they will slowly embrace confidence in their speech. Students will also get to travel to tournaments to test their skills and foster their growth.

MS Math Club

Join the MS math club, where we host math games ranging from Kahoot to relay rounds and prepare for international math competitions such as AMC8 and BmMT. While learning about new theorems and lemmas, students also get to sharpen their mathematical knowledge, finding innovative ways to solve problems.

THIS Seismology

Students wil explore the study of earthquakes including investigating and analyzing real-time seismic data from earthquakes in China and around the world, participate and collaborate in authenic research opportunities, and promote public outreach concerning earthquake risks, hazards, and preparedness.

Grade 9-12 Clubs

Chinese Debate Club (HS)

Chinese Debate Club is dedicated to training students on debating skills, critical thinking, and evidence-based argumentation. Students have the opportunity to practice defending their own arguments and analyzing topics from different perspectives. The club hosted a tournament in 2018-2019 at THIS and attended several tournaments in Beijing and other cities. Students in the club will have the opportunity to participate in these tournaments and learn about debating through their own experiences.

Math Club

Join the math club – a club that makes math fun and competes in challenging math competitions domestically and internationally.

Community Service Club

CSC is a club that organizes a range of on-campus and off-campus events that contribute positively to the THIS community. The club encourages all students and teachers to participate in events such as Animal shelter trips, mentorship programs, and other charity events, both as organizers and as participants. Join CSC to oil the gears of THIS and provide help for others with the best of your ability.

Model United Nations Club

Model United Nations Club prepares future world leaders by simulating global critical analysis scenarios with the intention of improving participants’ deliberative, documentation, and diplomatic skills to exemplary levels.

Speech and Debate Club (HS)

Joining the Speech and Debate Club provides students with the opportunity for leadership, community, travel, and competition. Students are taught research and argumentation skills during weekly meetings through a combination of lectures, activities, and mock debates, empowering students to overcome their fear of public speaking and gain their own voice. The club prepares debaters for regional and international tournaments and is also responsible for hosting its very own annual fall debate tournament, in collaboration with the National High School Debate League of China.

Ceramics Club

Students will learn basic concepts about the use of clay and firing while they create wonderful ceramic pieces, such as pottery and sculptures.

Perfumery Club

A Club that uses perfume/ fragrance as medium to create art.


Chinese Newspaper club was established in 2015. It aims to provide a stage for those who have good writing and graphic design skills, and also to help students improve these abilities. With every issue, students learn how to collaborate through active engagement in the creative process. The content of the newspaper includes “School News”, “Opinions”, “Entertainment”, “Prose”, “Novel”, “Chinese customs” and many more.

Fortune club命理社

To explain and practice thhe knowledge and differences between Eastern and Westurn occultism.

和風社 (Japanese Club)

This club is an opportunity for people who are interested and have been interacting with Japanese culture, to study, examine, and interact with Japanese culture related factors. The main objective of our club would be to provide a chance for others to learn the language of Japanese, as well as getting to know it more than we see it just from the “outside layer”, trying to have ourselves involved and understand it better.

A Cappella Club

Have you ever wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube? Well worry not, Rubik’s Cube Club is here to help! We teach students of all ages how to solve Rubik’s cubes from 1×1 to 9×9 and even shapeshifting cubes. Otherwise, you can simply come here to chill. No prior experience is necessary to join.

Boardgames Club

The Board Game Club fosters critical thinking skills and logical thinking ability. We also have fun interacting with the student body by playing table top games.

Podcast Posse Club

Podcast Posse Club——In this club, our main goal is to make podcasts about people in our school of different profession and help everyone become a big family.

Chamber orchestra 室内乐团

Orchestra is an advanced form of musical art that showcases musical works through ensemble. Children not only need to understand how to leverage their own strengths, but also need to think about how to work together and win with others.

Video Creation Club

In this club, we will teach students to operate professional cameras, enabling them to record high quality video clips. Moreover, we will be offering video editing courses to ensure that students are also capable when it comes to post-production skills.
An example of what we will be covering on: the basics of camera, this includes ISO, shutter speed, WB balance, Aperture, etc.


STEAM club is an interdisciplinary course involving art, mathematics, physics, programming and other disciplines. It is fun for middle students who love science, like visual art, and able to do self-directed learning. Every project, students will think about an inquiry problem, explore a new material, and create a work.

Crafting Club

The crafting club teaches students different techniques of crafting, including crocheting,
knitting, stitching, accessory-making, wool-felt-making, heat shrink sheet, etc. Our main
goal is to provide students a platform to pursue their interest in handcrafting. Another
goal we have is to show our contribution to the community. We will sell our artwork for
charity, and we will go to kindergartens to teach disabled children crafting every two

The Zaa

The Zaa is THIS’ very own rock band. We play many different genres of music.

Pickleball Club

Fastest growing sport in the United States of America. Easy to get started but also challenging enough to find ways to improve and compete with one another. For those who have experience playing tennis, table tennis, badminton, or any paddle sports, transitioning into pickleball will be easy.

Micro Bio club

Traditional Chinese Game

The initial idea behind this concept is that students are increasingly engrossed in computer/video games these days, which not only strains their eyes but also consumes a significant portion of their attention. There are several traditional Chinese games that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for students. Playing these games can foster opportunities for students to bond with their parents, as some of these games were likely part of their parents’ childhood as well.

Future City Competition

Do you want to help design the city of the future? Do you like open-ended problems? Future City is the club for you! Join Ms. Cross and Ms. Hellman on Thursdays in the science classroom.

Comics Club

Comics club is where you can gather together to enjoy and create comics like Manga.

Meet Our Student Activity Coordinator

Joy Zhou

Activity Coordinator

Joy received her Master’s degree in TESOL from the University of Pennsylvania. She works with subject teachers and organizes activities and events including Clubs, International Exchange Programs, Domestic and International Field trips, and Academic Competitions. Joy also teaches High School Enrichment to 9th Grade students to help those new scholars better adjust their academic and social life in High school. The Peer Mentor Program and Internship Program will be launching to provide more opportunities for THIS students to connect with the outside world and to take on bigger leadership roles.

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