Enriched with the resources and long history of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University High School, Tsinghua International School was established in 2009 to provide an education that combines the best of Western and Chinese learning.  THIS embodies unique characteristics of the International Qualification, Chinese roots as well as the Tsinghua spirit for foreign families and overseas returnees.

Tsinghua International School provides advanced international educational methodology within a positive and academically-strong school culture. It fosters creative critical thinkers who will be prepared to lead in the global community. With thirteen years of school achievements including graduates who have been accepted by top universities all around the world, the school has become one of the best schools in the international education.

Setting sail from Tsinghua to the rest of the Globe, we hope our students will carry the Tsinghua spirit of “self-improvement and moral integrity”, absorb the advantages of both Chinese and western education, and will bloom brilliantly on the world stage moving forward.



Principal of Tsinghua University High School

Principal of Tsinghua International School

Dear parents and students,

As you know, Tsinghua High School enjoys great prestige due to its more than 90-year-history, unique school philosophy, and a great number of well-known alumni. The Tsinghua International School we are presenting you today is a Western-style school directed by Tsinghua High School and open to expatriate students studying in China. Distinguishing it from the main campus, the international school will be aware of the cultural backgrounds, educational demands, and future development needs of the students and provide them with educational programs similar to those of their native countries. Certainly, we will also enable our students to learn deeply about the Chinese language, history, and culture.

Based on Tsinghua Affiliated Middle High School’s excellent foundation and history of running a school and with the support of Tsinghua University and The Ministry of Education we will build the Tsinghua International School with high standards  We enjoy the unique environmental advantage here in west Beijing with a dense population of high-tech industries and highly educated personnel.  We also enjoy strong relationships with many educational institutions at home and abroad,  Our goal is to educate good citizens and to train the future leaders of the world, and to that end, we will offer the best education available anywhere.

Thank you for your interest in Tsinghua International School, and please share with others that might be interested in your impressions of THIS. We invite your input and suggestions, and we know that with your support THIS will be an exceptional success.

Shi Ping

Shi Ping

Principal of International Education of Tsinghua High School