Chengzhi School was established in China, which is the precursor to the Tsinghua University High School.


The junior high school division of Chengzhi School merged with the middle school division of The Affiliated School of Yenching University and became The Affiliated School of Tsinghua University.


The Affiliated School of Tsinghua University was expanded into Tsinghua University High School with a newly established senior high school division. With both of its junior and senior division starting to enroll students from Beijing, TUHS became an integrated middle school.


With the support of Tsinghua University, the Beijing Education Commission, and Haidian Education Commission, Tsinghua International School (THIS) was founded and granted a license to recruit students from foreign countries and Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao in 2009.


Tsinghua International School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) since January 2016.

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