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Chinese B Class Cafe Activity


Students of THIS Chinese B Class (from Grade 2 to Grade 6) recently set up a one-day café to bring warmth to the whole THIS family in this cold winter. 


In order to present the theme of “Food” which students are learning recently, they decided to set up the café in the classroom and invite whole school teachers to visit. Teachers and students are required to speak Chinese only to practice their oral speaking skills in Chinese.



Students were very excited about this activity. They carefully designed the cafe menu and prepared cakes and snacks themselves. Students set up tables and got ready early in the morning. Everyone has a clear picture of his or her jobs. Once put the nametags on, they are ready to be a professional manager, waiter or cashier. 

      “欢迎光临,请坐。” 随着第一批顾客的到来,咖啡馆开张啦!起初,孩子们稍微有些紧张。然而慢慢地渐入佳境以后,对自己的身份和职责越来越有信心。

“Welcome to our café, please take a seat.” With the arrival of the first customers, the café opened! Students felt a little bit timid by the huge number of guests. However, after a while, they became more and more confident. 



When talking to foreign teachers whose Chinese is at beginner level, students were very patient to explain and translate, and even teach them Chinese. Also, the students were very happy to recommend their homemde food to the teachers!


Homeroom teachers and teaching assistant visited café to support their students. The two little girls in Grade 4 provided warm and professional service for a big group of teachers. 

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Our café was full of joy, both teachers and students had great fun!


Students wrote their own reflection 

after Friday Café role play:

Grade 6 Purple

八木薫 Kaoru Yagi


“It’s really interesting to open a coffee shop in Chinese class! Each of us contributed some food and attracted many teachers to visit. I was very happy when I saw that the chocolate cake made by my mother and I was so popular.”

Grade 6 Purple

缪立麒 Afra Miao


“This experience tells me that being a waiter is fun but also very challenging.”

Grade 6 White

张洲恺 Jack Zhang 


“Friday’s Chinese class impressed me a lot! This is my first time to run business. I was appointed by the teacher as the general manager of the cafe. I was excited as well as a bit worried. I cherished the real life experience and felt thankful for having such a special Chinese experience.”

Grade 5 White

丁冬 Alex McLaughlin

“周五我们在中文课上开了一间咖啡馆。很多老师都来了,非常有趣。我的主班老师Ben(他的中文名字是龙)也来到了我们的咖啡馆,我教他怎么说 ‘欢迎光临’。” 

“We opened a café in Chinese class on Friday. Many teachers came, which was very interesting. My homeroom teacher Ben (his Chinese name is Long) also came to our café. I taught him how to say’ Welcome’ in Chinese.”


About Our Chinese B Class


As we want THIS students to be strong both in English and Chinese. Chinese B Class is designed for non-native speakers of Chinese. Our goal is to help students establish a solid foundation of vocabulary, knowledge of Chinese and communication skills through immersive Chinese learning, and the natural and gradual integration of language, content and cultural elements.


 Learning Chinese


Through theme-based teaching, we enable students to exercise and improve all aspects of literacy, speaking, listening, reading and writing in the same theme. Differentiated teaching methods can meet the needs of students’ own Chinese level, learning interests and habits.


# Chinese B Class


Students explore their Chinese potential through poster design, role-playing, interactive interview, poetry parody, mini stage play and other forms. Students are more and more interested in Chinese learning and Chinese traditional culture. I hope that in the future, we see a picture which a group of Chinese and English bilingual student leaders who go hand in hand.

# Learning Chinese

文字 Writing | Rong Wei

排版 Editing | Mercy Xu

图片 Pictures | THIS teachers

审核 Auditing |  Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Toni Dong, Wenping Li

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