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Autumn is coming! Do you want to collect colorful leaves with us? Do you want to listen to the sounds of autumn together? Do you want to smell the fragrance of the autumn breeze? Join the primary children of our Chinese B class to meet all the beauty of autumn this October.


Last Friday, Ms. Rong Wei, our primary Chinese teacher, led the children around the campus to capture autumn with their senses: their eyes saw the clear blue sky, their ears heard the gurgling fountain in the middle of the annex square, their noses smelled the faint fragrance of the pine trees, their fingers touched the falling leaves nestled on the ground, and their hearts felt the quiet lightness of autumn. Through this week, the children put all their feelings about autumn into a “letter” bouquet.


Why a “letter”? An autumn letter is a botanical letter written by children for autumn. The students put an array of autumn leaves and flowers into an envelope along with a Chinese poem. So, the “letter” bouquet is quietly born.


The children in the Chinese B class also invited their foreign teachers to join them to make a flower letter. The children explained to the teachers in Chinese how to fold the paper into an envelope and how to match the colors of the leaves and flowers. The children also played the “Find Autumn” word game with the teachers. Once the teachers found these key words, they had to make sentences related to autumn using the Chinese words. For example, a sentence using the word: harvest could be “Autumn is the season of harvest.”


At the end, the children recited and explained to the teachers two Chinese poems they recently learned – “Mountain Journey” and “Tianjing Sha – Autumn Thoughts”. The teachers commented on how descriptive in detail and depth the Chinese traditional culture is regarding autumn. They not only felt the warmth of autumn, they also respect the profundity of Chinese.


May these activities bring children and teachers a touch of autumn greetings in addition to getting a deeper sense of the charm of Chinese culture. May each of us enjoy the sunshine, the morning dew, the breeze, the falling leaves and fruits of autumn. May you and I soak in a handful of light and comforting words so our hearts can be at peace for a long time.


文字 Writing | Rong Wei

排版 Editing | Mia Gu

图片 Pictures | Mia Gu

审核 Auditing |  Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Toni Dong, Wenping Li

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