THIS Parent Teacher Conference

By Saturday November 21st, 2020Admissions, Events, High School, Middle School, Primary School


On November 20 and 21, staff from THIS were prepared to meet parents and talk about individual student progress.



At the PTC, THIS teachers communicated with parents about their children’s academic progress and performance, course content, tests results, giving them a full picture of how their children are doing in school, and at the same time helping the parents to build a supportive partnership with the school and provide the teachers with important information about the students. Parents also discussed their children’s progress and how they can work together with the teachers to ensure a successful year.

The Primary and Secondary Division Directors and the Principals also spoke with the parents on how to best support the students to achieve their long-term goals and how to set up a detailed roadmap for their upcoming school years.



Parents used the PowerSchool System to schedule meetings in advance. The one-to-one meeting was meant to allow all parents and teachers time to discuss the most concerning academic issues. And the computers were available so that parents can meet with teachers who are currently providing online instruction.

College Admission Workshop


家长会中还为九年级和十年级的学生家长开设了有关大学升学的工作坊。升学指导老师Amy Zou和Catherine Zhao分别为家长们介绍了申请不同国家需要做的准备,如何更好地规划孩子的课程选择和课外实践活动。Reid Prichett 校长也就家长可以支持指导学生接下来的高中生活发表了一个讲座,家长们反响热烈。

Saturday afternoon, the college counseling department held college admission workshops for grade 9 and grade 10 parents. College counselor Amy Zou and Catherine Zhao elaborated on the preparations for applying to schools in different countries and how to better select course and plan extracurricular activities. Academic Principal Prichett also gave a talk on how parents can support and guide their children through the rest of their high school experience, which was well received by the parents.


“Teachers from THIS are really familiar with my daughter and the one-to-one meeting can give me a comprehensive understanding of my children’s performance at school.”


Thanks to the school’s superior teacher-student ratio, excellent teaching level of Chinese and foreign teachers, as well as the efforts of home school coeducation, the parents’ meeting was held smoothly. It is the most important role of parents’ meeting to truly solve the parents’ doubts and deeply communicate with the school. All for the children!

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