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On October 25th, THIS had honored to invite Professor Dai Qionghai, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the School of Information Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, and his team to visit the school. Ms. Yan Fang, Principal of Tsinghua University High School and THIS, Ms. Wenping Li, THIS Executive Principal, and the entire THIS administration welcomed Prof. Dai and his team at the school entrance.


School Tour


Accompanied by Executive Principal Li, Prof. Dai and his team visited various classrooms including one of the Chinese classes, the library, the secondary computer science, the STEAM Lab, the Robotics Lab, and the future AI Lab.


Meeting with Prof. Dai and His Team


After the campus tour, Prof. Dai and the team had an in-depth meeting with THIS administration. To start, THIS Chinese Vice Principal Ms. Wenting Bai once again warmly welcomed the arrival of Prof. Dai and his team, and gave a comprehensive introduction to THIS and its approach to the “integration of Chinese and Western education, international quality, Chinese roots and Tsinghua characteristics.”


Dr. Fang Lu, a member of Prof. Dai’s team and Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering of Tsinghua University and Doctoral Advisor, introduced in detail the contributions of Academician Dai’s team. They are devoted to AI education and training in primary and secondary schools, the development of the AI industry, and their support for THIS.


Prof. Dai said he was impressed by the education and student performance at THIS. He saw that the students were happy learners and showed confidence with their learning. He also noticed how our teachers were focused on encouraging students’ independence and giving them enough space to develop. He believes that these attributes are necessary to cultivate international talents who will meet the needs of future social and human development. After meeting with our excellent group of students, Prof. Dai expressed even more committed to bringing AI education to THIS, specifically establishing a professional AI lab and providing more research and experiment opportunities for students.


On behalf of the entire school, Executive Principal Li expressed her gratitude to Prof. Dai and all the experts and for their strong support of THIS. We will carry out a series of collaborative activities with Prof. Dai’s team in the future bringing practical experiences to students.  Together, our hope is to cultivate independent thinking and students’ sense of social responsibility while helping students develop their learning in the field of AI.


Student Session


After the meeting, Prof. Dai and the team met with students in the library. Even during the lunch break, the library was full. Our students and teachers were looking forward to the arrival of this “big shot”. Dr. Lu Fang shared how AI perceives the world, understands the world, and interacts with the world. She also said that Prof. Dai and his team will provide more opportunities for THIS students. The vivid and exciting presentation peaked the students’ interest in AI science.


In the Q&A session, students were eager to ask questions to raise their thoughts about AI, looking forward to the professional answers from Prof. Dai and the experts. Some primary students asked “whether AI may have its own emotions” and “what if someone has AI to do bad things”; some secondary students asked the experts “whether AI will focus more on algorithms in the future, or the development of cross-disciplinary”, while others were concerned about “how AI can play a bigger role in the medical field”. After the Q&A, many students still wanted to communicate with the experts. So, they actively went to Prof. Dai and the experts after the event to have short discussions. The students have already knocked on the door of the AI world and immersed in the wonderful and profound world of science ……


President Li concluded the event by again thanking Prof. Dai and his team for coming. We look forward to the follow-up activities because as a leader in the AI industry, Prof. Dai is able to lead his team to bring the most cutting-edge knowledge and resources of AI to education. We hope that every student can cherish the opportunities, study intensively and rigorously, and achieve in the field of science.


THIS will continue to expand students’ horizons and open up pathways to scientific exploration. We hope that students will not only learn the academic discipline of research of Tsinghua students, but also learn to put into practice the Tsinghua spirit of “action speaks louder than words.”

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