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Working Together to Again Win the Championship


On February 12th, the THIS Debate Team took top honors at the 5th Shanghai Cup Chinese Debating Championship for Secondary Students. This would be the second time for our team to win with a score of 13.5 to 1.5. Xi Haoyun (Bill) from grade 11 was also awarded the best debater of the whole tournament.


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五届携手 二度夺冠

Working Together to Again Win the Championship



“The Shanghai Cup” is one of the top Chinese debate tournaments for secondary school students in China and has a great influence. The THIS Chinese Debate Team first won the 3rd Shanghai Cup Chinese Debate Championship in 2020.

Over the past few years the Shanghai Cup has expanded in scale and improved its tournament standards. A total of 48 schools participated in the tournament, which attracted strong teams from Hong Kong, Australia, and top domestic high schools such as NPC Central School, Fudan Central School and UWC. The debating topics of the tournament covered a wide range of complex fields such as technology, history and humanities. The students of the Chinese Debate Team of Tsinghua Middle School International Division showed their rich knowledge, excellent language expression, and swift logical thinking abilities. This undeniable combination won the favor of the judges and defeated one powerful opponent after another!




In addition to Ken He (Grade 10), Bill Xi, Winston Qian, Mia He (Grade 11), and Kelly Chen (Grade 12), Class of 2021 alumnus, Natalie Bai also participated in the tournament. Tianyi Wang, Class of 2020, served as an assistant coach throughout the competition. Together, these proud and skillful THIS students worked to win the tournament, leaving each other an unforgettable experience!


Words from Adviser


Mr. Chao Qian


This championship comes from strength, from hard work, and from heritage! From January 22nd to the present, we have been supported by the graduates of the last two years. The fact that we have five years of students together is our biggest advantage! What this team has passed on is not only the skill of and passion for debating, but also the pride and emotion of being a member of THIS!


Students’ Reflections

席浩云 (11年级)

Bill Xi, Grade 11

以前每次打比赛,我们最后都不得不安慰自己结果不重要,只要享受思考的过程就行了。而这次比赛我们既享受了过程,又不需要这番说辞来安慰了。冠军是五届 THIS 辩手与宝藏教练钱老师一起努力的成果。作为中文辩论队中的一员,我感到无比幸福与幸运。

In the end of every tournament, we would console ourselves by saying “results are nothing, it’s about the process and take aways”. As long as we enjoy the process of critical thinking, it is enough. This time, the only difference is that we completely enjoyed the process without needing that comfort saying. This championship is a result of collaborative efforts of 5 THIS generations Chinese debaters, plus our coach Mr. Qian. It is such a pleasure to be on a team like this.

何金泽 (10年级)

Ken He, Grade 10


When I knew we won that final round by 13.5 to 1.5, for a second, I thought I was dreaming. After all, when we just set off on this journey called “ShangHai Cup”, I personally never thought we would have the chance to win such a difficult tournament.

Just as what Mr. Qian had said, “This is the result of efforts from 5 generations of THIS students working together.” I would like to thank everyone with all my heart for making this journey the most important memory of my life so far. 

钱弘毅 (11年级)

Winston Qian, Grade 11


This tournament inspired me to reflect the purpose of debate: not to make us better than others, as debate won’t make us any less ordinary than we already are; and not just for a better job, because there are so many other ways to do that already. The reason why we come to debate, is that we are different from artificial intelligience: we are willing to care for the world around us. We are willing to spend our time pondering and arguing about the truths and morals of the world. We are willing to become the voice that representing ordinary people like ourselves, using infinite amounts of quiet voices to explore and change the world we know and love.

贺芊羽 (11年级)

Mia He, Grade 11

在即将进入最为紧张的Junior year的下半学期的假期,参加了这次上海杯的比赛,也如愿以偿的拿到了冠军,实现了打辩论三年以来的一个小目标,算是阶段性的一个好的句号。不像其他比赛,打辩论对我来说是一个很享受的过程,和队友一起熬夜讨论,面对各种输赢,最重要的也是在备赛以及比赛的过程中学到新的知识,有新的启发。

During the holiday before the second semester of Junior year, when I was about to enter the most intense period, I participated in the Shanghai Cup tournament and won the championship as I had dreamed for a long time, which realized a small goal of three years of debate and was a good ending for the stage. Unlike other competitions, Chinese debate is a very enjoyable process for me. I stay up late to discuss with my teammates and share my nervousness and happiness with them. The most important thing is to learn new knowledge and gain inspiration during the preparation and competition.

陈汐 (12年级)

Kelly Chen, Grade 12


For the first time, I was fortunate to be able to openly debate and listen to the comments and suggestions of the historical content creator on BiliBili in the live broadcast room of thousands of viewers. From being a novice who knows nothing about history, to being able to hear allusions and replying on the field with ease, a lot of effort and learning have also been put in. This time, I also felt the charm behind the debate—the intersection and extension of rich knowledge. Debate is also a way of thinking and logic that I will always use in the future. The younger members of Chinese debate are very skilled and bright and the future of the Chinese debate is promising!

白小舟 (2021届毕业生)

Natalie Bai, Class of 2021


It felt different to be a part of this competition as a graduate. First was connecting with friends that are not my age and learning about their fascinating ideas and personalities. The stressful late-night moments we shared and the vibrant ideas we exchanged will stay with me for a long time. Other than that, I felt like this experience has given me much more confidence. Although I was still far away from being an extraordinary debater, but I could feel my progress, which to me is the greatest encouragement. 

王天一 (2020届毕业生)

Tianyi Wang, Class of 2020


The last debate tournament I competed in as a member of the THIS Chinese Debate Team, took place in October, 2021. The day the round ended and I returned home, a sense of emptiness quickly overwhelmed me, as I began to realize what I had held on to for the past five years had come to an end. I made a promise that day that I would come back to THIS, come back to the THIS Debate Team, this time with a different identity. As of today I can proudly say I kept my promise.


Chinese Education


THIS Executive Principal, Ms. LI Wenping always attaches great importance to the Chinese education. She emphasizes that as a school belonging to the Tsinghua-affiliated system, THIS has always carried a sense of responsibility. Although we admit foreign students, we hope that their studies in China will provide them with a deep heritage of Chinese language and culture. Drawing from this sense of self-identity, THIS students will be able to speak for China on the world stage. This has always been our educational ideal and sentiment.


Since the beginning, we have always had Chinese as a compulsory core subject for all grades. At the same time, we have established a Chinese-language curriculum system that integrates Chinese language, Chinese history and Eastern Art, and helps students acquire a well-rounded Chinese cultural heritage. 


We also have our own special programs, such as our Chinese studies program, picture book program and Tsinghua school-based program. In terms of student activities, we organize “China Day” annually to provide a stage for students to express their Chinese dreams. In addition, the Chinese Writing Club, Chinese Debate Club, Chinese Newspaper Club and other Chinese clubs allow students to further practice their language skills and experience the charm of language and culture outside of the classroom. 


Our THIS Chinese Debate Team has consistently been able to stand out from top public high schools and international schools in China and at all levels of the debate circuit. This only solidifies THIS’s successful focus on the Chinese language education and critical thinking development of our students!


This time, the team won the “Shanghai Cup” again, which proves that THIS has always focused on Chinese language education and critical thinking for students, and has achieved the great success! We hope that our students will learn to think differently, identify information and sort out logic through debates, break down cognitive barriers, learn how to understand and see the big picture, and become truly international talents with independent thinking skills and innovation.

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