THIS’s Anti-epidemic Guidelines

By Wednesday January 20th, 2021High School, Primary School

THIS’s Anti-epidemic Guidelines

Dear students and parents:

    Covid-19 has caused a new wave of uncertainty  internationally and domestically, and with the winter holiday approaching, the risk is increasing. The school wants to call on all students and parents to continue to be vigilant during the epidemic. All THIS family members should keep up with the news of the epidemic and any new prevention and control measures. Please also abide by the management measures of the school, and consciously comply with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control. Remember, keeping yourself safe is keeping our school and our families safe.

On that note, please follow the guidelines below:

1. Maintain good personal hygiene.

•    Develop a good habit of washing your hands frequently. After going home, you should wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer as soon as possible.

•    When sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or bend your elbow to prevent the spread of droplets.

•    Remember to ventilate your room, and to disinfect items regularly to keep the home environment clean and hygienic.

•    Use serving chopsticks, refrain from contacting, buying and eating wild animals, and consciously abide by the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in public places.

•    Wear the mask correctly. When the mask becomes damp, please replace it with a new one immediately. Do not reuse the disposable mask. Make sure there is no gap between the face and the mask when wearing and avoid touching the front of the mask with your hands when removing it.

2. Reduce travel and keep yourself protected.

•    Arrange the itinerary reasonably, reduce travel, select off-peak travel and avoid going to crowded spaces.

•    When you go out, you should wear a mask at all times, carry disinfection tissues, hand sanitizer, etc., and maintain social distancing of more than 1 meter.

3. Do not leave Beijing unless necessary.

•    During the holiday, do not leave the family residence unless necessary. The circumstances in which it is necessary to leave Beijing include having family members who have been very ill or who have passed away. Do not visit relatives abroad or medium-high-risk areas, do not contact people returning home from medium-high-risk areas, and do not come in contact with express parcels that come from cross-border or medium-high-risk areas; reduce visits to movie theaters, game halls, etc. Avoid crowded or confined places, reduce outings for gatherings, reduce visits to relatives and friends, and reduce contact with strangers.

•    If any individual student or co-resident leaves  Beijing or goes abroad, please report to the school (class teacher) the record in advance. After returning, a quarantine or nucleic acid test must be conducted in accordance with the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control at the time. After returning to Beijing, students must undergo a nucleic acid test. A negative result must be sent to the class teacher before they can return to school.

•    Students and parents must not conceal or falsify travel itineraries and related information. Students and parents who do not cooperate with the epidemic prevention, control and investigation, or conceal or omit reporting shall bear corresponding responsibilities.

4. Report your health status in time to the school.

•    If you have symptoms such as fever, dry cough, chest tightness, etc., please go to the nearest hospital and take appropriate measures for treatment, protection, and isolation.

•    During the holidays, please cooperate with the school to report the itinerary and health status of the students and parents when needed and try to report them in time with honest information.

5.  Maintain a good holiday day-schedule and keep a peaceful mind.

•    Keep a balanced schedule for your daily study and life, work and rest.

•    Use electronic equipment sensibly. Do not overuse mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment, do not indulge in online games, and take good care of your eyes.

•    Increase physical exercise moderately, participate more in family life, and maintain physical and mental health.

    Dear students and parents, the prevention and control of the epidemic takes everyone’s effort. We hope we can take good care of ourselves, take care of our family, and face the global epidemic together with the school during this special period.

Tsinghua International School
January 20th, 2021

文字 Writing | Mercy Xu
排版 Editing | Mercy Xu
审核 Auditing | Shiny Wang, Donald Holder, Wenping Li

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