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Building a safe campus with solid safety defense


On October 19th, as part of the school’s emergency preparedness procedures, THIS conducted its first fire drill of the school year. 

2021 THIS Fire Drill


At 8:05 AM, with an urgent fire alarm sounding, THIS immediately started the fire emergency evacuation plan. Teachers and students immediately stopped what they were doing and began exiting the building. Under the guidance of teachers, students quickly and orderly headed to the meeting point according to the arranged escape route. Each floor had two safety wardens who made sure that no students or staff were left behind in any classroom, office, or bathroom.



全体师生按规定路线撤离至学校广场上,按照各班有序排队集合,由老师清点学生人数。清华附中国际部校长李文平到场察看消防演练整体情况,小学部主任Britni Padilla和中学部主任Dieu-Anh Nguyen分别按顺序确认各学部各年级学生人数。

Once arrived at the school courtyard, the students and staff gathered in orderly rows according to each class. Teachers counted the number of students and staff in their respective groups. Ms. LI Wenping, Principal of THIS, was there to see the overall situation of the fire drill. Primary Division Director Ms. Britni Padilla and Secondary Division Director Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen confirmed that THIS had been cleared and that all staff were safe, present, and accounted for.


Before heading back inside, Ms.Dong Wenbo, the Director of Administration, summarized the fire drill. She praised the teachers and students for following the fire drill plan. Through this fire drill practice, Ms. Dong expressed her hope that we could continue to develop a regular awareness of safety and become even more proficient in the correct methods of fire evacuation and escape.


The fire drill was meticulously planned by the safety committee established by THIS teachers on their own initiative. We believe that with regular safety training, THIS students and teachers can further improve the emergency response and self-rescue abilities during emergencies.  

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