Social Emotional Workshop | 心理专题讲座:同伴交往之道

By Friday October 22nd, 2021Middle School


Middle school social emtional workshop: Peer Relationships


The wellbeing of our students is a top priority at THIS. As adolescents, students are really beginning to explore their identities and independently experience the world around them. In the process, they may have concerns and questions related to interpersonal communication, dealing with conflict, time management, anxiety, and confusion about their emotional state. This semester, our school’s counseling team has invited Ms. Yijun Ye to offer a series of social emotional workshop to THIS students.


The topic for the workshop for middle school students, the topic was “peer communication.  Ms.Ye focused on what are the characteristics of a high-quality friendship. In small groups, students talked about past incidents of peer interactions in which they felt uncomfortable and explored the aspects of these peer relationships as compared to positive ones. They shared how they felt upset when their best friend jokingly said words against them or overheard other students talking about them behind their backs. On the reverse, students described what a good friendship is – one that includes mutual understanding and willingness to be open and honest. These discussions made students deeply think and reflect on their peer relationships, which made this a meaningful event.


The active participation made the workshop livelier and brought relevance to our students. We hope that, through the workshop, THIS students will continue to build their social-emotional skills so they may further enjoy school life.

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