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Last week, the first secondary division assembly of 2023 was successfully held.  It is a time for the entire secondary learning community to celebrate the achievements from semester one as well as to look ahead to the spring with excitement and hope. Upon entering the auditorium, teachers and students were warmly welcomed by the school’s choir – sweet voices filled the air.

THIS Choir


Honor Roll & High Honor Roll


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The first half of the assembly, students by grade level were recognized on stage for making the honor roll.  Despite the lingering effects of the pandemic and the challenges of unexpected remote learning in the latter half of term one, our students with the guidance and support of their teachers stayed committed to their studies to earn good marks.  As we moved on to the upper grades, so did our rates of high achievement.  This trend only highlights how THIS students are continuously growing and improving.

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


Words of Encouragement 

from Principal Li


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Executive Principal Wenping Li praised our students and reminded them to keep striving for excellence – look for opportunities to expand, explore, and ignite your passion!  

Principal Li, also, enthusiastically announced the launch of the school’s Research Mentoring Program.  For its second season, the school has invited respected experts in their professional fields to serve as mentors to inspire and nurture our students as they climb to higher heights with their learning.

THIS Research Mentoring Program


Sports & Competition Recognitions


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Next in the assembly program, our student athletes were celebrated for their achievements last semester.  Winners on and off the court or field, our players exemplify teamwork, school spirit, and sportsmanship. 

Go THIS Sports Teams!!


Other recognition and applause went to various individuals and groups for their successful participation in Science, Math, Innovation, and Model United Nations (MUN) competitions with many of our student leaders taking top honor.  Go Spartans!

Go Spartans!!


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12年级的Zack Sui在集会的闭幕演讲中分享自己的经历和感想,鼓励着国际部大家庭中的每一个人,他说到:

This day’s assembly was only a glimpse into all the goes on at THIS.  Each day, our students and staff model our core values and shine brightly with their creativity, unwavering determination, and genuine care for one another. 

In his closing remarks, grade 12 Zack Sui offered his words of encouragement sharing his own experience and reflections.   


“Looking forward, we shouldn’t forget the lessons we’ve learned… We are privileged and just plain happy to be on campus spending time together and learning together.  So, don’t waste the opportunities – follow your hearts and passions; do what’s right even when no one is looking; and be courageous.”

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