School Open Day

Knowing where to educate your child is a lesson in itself.

You have visited the Tsinghua International School (THIS) website; you have followed THIS WeChat account; you have consulted the Admission Office; now it’s time to walk into the school and see for yourself!

Auditorium Presentation

The Open Day started with a comprehensive introduction of THIS. A full house of parents witnessed presentation from the two vice principals Ms. Li and Ms.Klimasara, who introduced the school culture, diverse academic programs and prominent educational outcomes.

School Tour

Parents were welcomed to join our guided school tour, where they could sense the facilities and the atmosphere they convey. Here, parents not only found safety and security with our new wind system, but also felt the school culture from the labs, homerooms, display walls and the libraries.

Classroom Observation

The most anticipated part of the day was classroom observation. Parents observed classrooms in action and experienced the learning environment first hand. They also greeted the brilliant ambassadors for the school—our students!

Chinese Course Introduction

During the Chinese course introduction session, parents learned about the way our Chinese courses are structured, our educational goals and how students learn both English and Chinese as their native languages.

Information Sessions

Academic Vice Principal Ms. Klimasara, Secondary Director Mr. Joyce and Primary Director Ms.Jones provided parents with in-depth information sessions about the curriculum and activities of different grade levels, touching on a number of key themes that parents were most concerned about.

College Counseling

There was also a college counseling session for high school parents, where Director of College Counseling Ms. Weng and College Counselor Ms. Zou introduced our excellent college application. THIS teachers have been providing strong academic readiness and competencies. Most of our graduates were admitted to top universities around the world.

The Open Day may be your first encounter with THIS.

It is an opportunity to see how THIS has been a model international school harmonizing the best of Western and Chinese education and culture, and firmly focused on fostering creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community.