G7 Field Trip | 北京安全教育馆之行:安全先行,防患未然

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On Monday, March 13th, the grade 7 students took their long-awaited community building field trip. It was a good time to enjoy a day outside learning something new. This year, the students were able to experience the Beijing Safety Hall. 

北京安全教育馆有各种互动活动,让学生了解在紧急情况下的求生安全知识和措施。七年级同学们练习了从高层建筑火场逃生和地震逃生。另外, 他们还学习了其他实用的逃生技能,如打绳结、使用自动体外除颤器,进行心肺复苏以及如何防止踩踏事件等。活动中最震撼的体验就是通过人工智能模拟,让大家置身于各种真实灾难场景中,更真切地感受逃生时的紧迫感,从而加深安全意识。

The Beijing Safety Hall offered a variety of interactive and hands on activities to teach students about what to do in an emergency. Students practiced escaping from an upper floor of a burning building and experienced an earthquake simulator. They also learned practical skills such as tying knots, using an AED machine, administering CPR, how to break zip ties, and how to prevent being trampled. Probably the most enjoyable activity for the students was the Virtual Reality machines which safely put them into the world of a disaster. 


Through this type of experience, students are having fun as well as learning real life skills. Hopefully the students will never be in a life-threatening situation, but the reality is that it is possible. They, now, have been exposed to skills that might save their lives and the lives of others. They also learned about some actual disaster events from China’s history. The students learned the importance of safety and prevention. They enjoyed being together as one big class of 7th graders and sharing lunch together.


Student’s Refection

 Parisa Dai 


It was fairly interesting. We learned how to do CPR, which is really important in real life. We participated in a useful/real simulation of a fire drill and learned about historical events. We also learned how to get out of a tight rope on our hands.

Rosita Han


In this field trip, I learned lots of things. How you survive in fire, how to tie ropes in some circumstances, and what you should when accidents happen. I think the most interesting thing is when you try to “jump” from upstairs.

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