G5 Earth Day | 登香山捡垃圾,爱护环境从我做起

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Earth Day




The World Earth Day: 

Trash  Pick-Up on Fragrant Hill, 

Taking Care of the Environment 

Starts with Me


For World Earth Day (April 22) this year, the THIS grade 5 teachers and students went to Fragrant Hills Park on April 21st to pick up trash. The aim of this activity is for students to better understand “Earth Day” and, through practical actions, can improve the earth while promoting the concept of environmental protection.

Earth Day

Grade 5 Purple 


Fragrant Hills Park is located in the western suburbs of Beijing, with beautiful scenery and lush greenery. As early as in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the royal family built a palace on Fragrant Hill, which is a royal garden with mountain and forest characteristics. The temperature was moderate and the air was fresh. In this historical garden, students were very energetic, wearing disposable gloves and looking for garbage in the grass. No matter how hidden the plastic bags, drink bottles, and paper scraps were, they could not escape the eyes of our little “scavengers.” After a while, everyone’s garbage bags were filled with “treasures.” Even passing tourists in the park noticed the students’ efforts and were touched by it.

Earth Day

山下垃圾捡拾完成后,同学们兴奋得笑着叫着,迫不及待开始登山,你追我赶,寂静的园林开始变得热闹起来。前面的开路,后面的尽量跟上,同学们慢慢地开始气喘吁吁,汗流浃背。山中树林密密麻麻,阵阵清风吹来仿佛在给同学们鼓劲, 一步一台阶,顶峰与我之间的距离不再遥远。终于,同学们陆陆续续开始登顶!站在山顶,极目远望,白云缭绕,城市风貌尽收眼底。

After the trash pick-up at the bottom of the hill, the students were so excited about climbing the mountain. The silent garden started to become lively as students were running around laughing and cheering. The woods in the mountain were dense, and the breeze blew as if to cheer the students on as they began to pant and sweat. Finally, the students started to reach the top of the hill one after another! Standing at the top of the mountain, looking far away, white clouds, the city landscape is in full view.

Earth Day

Grade 5 White


This great event for our 5th grade students as it not only gives them the chance to exercise outdoors, but it is to an authentic experience of social responsibility. In addition, Our 5th grade students are also working on a final capstone that focuses on climate change, overconsumption, and well-being. This field trip will provide them real-life context for this cumulative project.


Students’ Voice

胡致涵 Zanna

 Grade 5P



I think this activity is very meaningful for it lets us not only understand the importance of the Earth Day, but also understand that our earth, the planet we are living on, really needs our help to protect its beauty. Hands-on experience is much more educational than hearsay.

刘梓晴 Elsa

Grade 5 W


During this field trip, we did a lot of meaningful things. For example, we picked up trash and cleaned the environment. Earth is facing climate change so we have to do something. This field trip is the best chance to help earth a little bit. Climate change is not just our thing, but it is important to all of human beings. We should inform our family and friends to take action now.



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