THIS Administrators Meeting

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THIS Administrators Meeting

8月4日至5日,清华附中国际部领导团队召开了暑期干部会议,国际部执行校长李文平女士、新任学术校长Mr. Patrick Smith、校长助理白文婷女士、小学部主任Ms. Britni Padilla、中学部主任Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen和行政主任董文博女士参加了会议。

During their summer vacation this August 4th and 5th, the administrator team of Tsinghua International School gathered to plan for the opening days of the new school year.   The team consisting of Ms. Li Wenping, Executive Principal of THIS, Mr. Patrick Smith, new academic principal, Ms. Bai Wenting, Assistant Principal, Ms. Britni Padilla, Primary Division Director, Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen, Secondary Division Director, and Ms. Dong Wenbo, Director of Administration.

新学年,国际部迎来了新任学术校长Mr. Smith先生。他在抵达中国后近1个月的隔离期中一直与领导团队紧密合作,规划新学年的各项事宜,现在他也正式开始了与领导团队共同的线下工作。在为期两天的会议中,领导团队针对2022-2023学年度教育教学计划和新老教师培训等进行了细致而深入地规划和探讨,对新学年学校的教育教学和全面管理做好了充分的准备。

Mr. Smith, the new Academic Principal was warmly welcomed to the THIS family this school year. He had been working with the administrator team via online through his nearly one month of quarantine and happily joined them in person for the two-day working session. The THIS administrator team thoughtfully discussed and outlined the major actions for the 2022-2023 school year including the professional training needs of teachers.




Under the leadership of Principal Li, the THIS administrator team is confident and full of energy. In the new school year, the school will continue to focus on the mission of combining the best parts of Chinese and Western education while keeping our “international quality, Chinese roots, and Tsinghua spirit”! New school year, new journey! Let’s look forward to it and always keep going!


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