Computer Science Week 2017

By Tuesday February 6th, 2018Events, High School, Middle School, Primary School

Computer Science Week

From December 11th to 15th, the THIS Technology Department organized the Computer Science Week.The goals of this event are to have a better understanding on coding/programming and create simple yet engaging coding/programming activities.

Hour of

According to Hour of, “Technology is transforming every industry on the planet. In 2015, 7 million openings in the U.S. were in occupations—including art and design—that value coding skills. But 75 percent of schools in the U.S. don't teach computer science. ”

21st century

“It’s time for us to catch up to the 21st century. We know that regardless of what our students do when they grow up, whether they go into medicine, business, politics, or the arts, knowing how to build technology will give them confidence and a competitive edge.”

An hour of code

One of the activities that students surely enjoyed was the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is an hour session that introduces Computer Science to students. It is designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. THIS is one of the many schools in world that participated in this global movement to encourage everyone to code.

This year, there are more than a hundred students from twenty-one classes participated inthe Hour of Code. Mr. Boling, Mr. Allali and Mr. Balboa facilitated the Hour of Code sessions where they taught primary students and secondary students how to use Scratch, Java Script and some other programming languages. Some students were also taught how logic works by using game-based activities on

In addition, the 8th graders went on a trip to Lenovo factory on December 14 to see how Computer Science is applied in the industry. Mr. Zhao and Mr. Allali organized the trip. On this trip, students were able to visit the assembly line, products center and labs and learn about how Computer Science is applied in the industry.

Through Computer Science Week, THIS has created a fun and engaging platform where students not only learn to code and program, but also have opportunities to learn skills that will translate to future success in many other areas.