2018 THIS Talent Show

By Monday February 5th, 2018Events, High School, Middle School, Primary School

The Parent Council of THIS is proud to host the 2018 Talent Show!

When you showcase your talent, the world is yours. When your art tells a story, magic happens. Come and be a part of the fun-filled annual tradition at 2018 THIS Talent Show!This annual event is open to all THIS students, teachers and parents. They relished the opportunity to showcase their talents and cheer one another on. After the show, THIS Student Council organized a Winter Potluck where everyone shared homemade dishes. It was a night of engagement, inspiration and entertainment.

Quotes from Mr. Wenzhi Song, THIS Parent Council Member

"Through various school events, THIS has embeded the core values into the day-to-day education: engagement, collaboration, cultural diversity, discovery and Spart spirits. These meaningful activities help build supportive and close school-family relationships, which will contribute to the students' life."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Parent Council for organizing the Talent Show.

The 2018 Talent Show offered a platform for students,teachers and parents to demonstrate their talent. They poured their hearts and souls into the annual tradition. The pay-off was far sweeter than the applause. They have closely collaborated, gained valuable experience and skills through preparation as well as the performance.. The event has brought to the school endless warmth and happiness. We look forward to seeing more performers next year!