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New Students


THIS New Students Orientation


August 30th was the new students and parents’ orientation day for the 2023-24 school year of Tsinghua International School. As the early fall has arrived with a gentle breeze and mild sunshine, the new students, and parents of the Primary and Secondary Schools walked into THIS for the first time to see their long-awaited peers and teachers, as well as the beautifully refreshed campus! Primary and secondary division staff prepared different orientation training and activities for the new students. After the training, they all spent a fulfilling and wonderful day in THIS and got to know their peers and teachers.

Welcome! Signing up


The first step for the new students of primary and secondary schools was to sign in, and the admissions staff were eagerly awaiting their arrival in the brand new and bright reception hall of THIS. In addition to signing in, receiving student cards, checking out homerooms, etc., students also pressed their fingerprints and signed their names on the new student family tree, forming the new student family for the 2023-24 school year. New students also poured colored sand into the colorful “sea”, signifying that one by one, they are like colorful grains of sand flowing into the ocean of the THIS family, blending and merging with each other and together riding the waves and chasing after their dreams!

Primary Division



Welcome Students& Parents

Primary students and parents’ orientation was led by homeroom teachers and teaching assistants, with an icebreaking game that allowed students, parents, and teachers to get acquainted quickly. Teachers also introduced the school rules in detail, such as the uniform requirement and the language requirement of speaking English. Both the icebreaking game and the introduction of the school rules were conducted in small groups or in round tables. This equal discussion method emphasizes the core values of “Respect”, ” Collaboration” and “Innovation” that we implemented into the games and activities in a fun and educational way.


Parents Orientation

Afterwards, the parents of the new students from the Primary School moved to B building and attended the Parents’ Meeting hosted by Mrs. R, Director of the Primary School, and Ms. Helen Luo, Associate Director of the Primary School, who introduced the overview of the Primary School, the curriculum, and the expectations of the students, so as to let the parents have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the students’ learning and life in the school. One of the characteristics of teaching in THIS is that students have a lot of free time to read; teachers will spend most of their time teaching in a collaborative and discussion way with students; we expect to see “progress” more than “perfection”, and without ranking students, we hope that students will aim to become the best version of themselves. In the absence of a ranking system, students are expected to aim to become the best version of themselves and to be physically and mentally healthy students.

Primary Language Teacher, Jingjing Li, introduced parents to the Chinese language program, mentioning that Chinese program is just as important as English. With the goal of dual-language development, primary students have one Chinese lesson every day. How do we ensure that our students’ Chinese is at native level in the limited class time available? The secret lies in the fact that we choose classical and key content to teach, dig into the culture behind the language, and focus on the development of students’ lasting comprehension and comprehensive language literacy.


Finally, Mr. Wang Wei, the parent representative, shared his heartfelt experience with the parents of the new students. He expressed that he understands very well the anxiety and nervousness of the new students’ parents about the unknown and hoped that the parents can fully trust the school, and make use of the various communication channels between home and school such as the Parent Council, so that the home and school can be closely connected and work together to support the growth of their children.

Secondary Division


Meeting with Director

During the meeting with the Director of Secondary School, Mr. Scott Pare shared with the new students the secondary school life, introduced the students to the student handbook, explained and emphasized on the rules concerning the school uniform, academic integrity, the use of electronic devices and the English policy on campus, etc. Mr. Pare encouraged the new students saying that a new semester is a fresh start and hopefully students set new goals for themselves, learn to cooperate with peers, help and support each other to continue to surpass themselves.

Ms. Laura Zhang, the secondary counselor, also welcomed the new students and said that her goal is to support the wellbeing and success of every student, and that she will do her best to provide a safe and comfortable space for students, and she will always have a heart to listen, care and support them.

Ms. Amy Zou, College Counselor Coordinator, welcomed the middle school students to knock on her office door anytime to talk with them. The college counseling department will provide students and parents with a wealth of college guidance services to support every high school student’s college application and help them realize their ideal life in a full and meaningful way.

Ms. Joy Zhou, Student Activities Coordinator, introduced the wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities, sports, and competitions available at THIS. There are also domestic and international study tours, exchange programs, and competitions, among other programs. Students were so excited to hear about the clubs and activities they were interested in and were eager to join them for the new semester!

Homeroom Meeting

After the new student training, students met with their homeroom teachers and classmates to learn about the activities and rules of the class. Teachers also prepared different fun activities to let students introduce themselves to each other. With the sound of laughter, students’ friendship between peers is slowly sprouting.

 Meeting with Homeroom Teacher

Classroom Activity

Learning to use Locker and meeting with peers


In the afternoon, students from the Secondary Section received a writing and reading workshop from the English teachers, as well as tests. This part is to accelerate their language adaptation and to be well prepared for the start of the school year! The Grade 9 students also participated in a meeting with the college counselor team, to familiarize themselves with the College Counselling Program in advance.

New students, once again,

welcome to Tsinghua International School.

I’m sure you can’t wait for the new school year!

A rich and interesting curriculum with unlimited experiences is waiting for you.

We hope you will thrive and prosper.

In time, you will be a full member of the THIS family connecting your heart and mind with that of your teacher.

Be curious and creative!

You will explore a whole new journey of learning at THIS!

We hope you will set your dreams and goals high, so that you can soar while at THIS.

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审核 Auditing |  Scott Pare, Toni Dong, Wenping Li


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