THIS History Day

By Friday December 22nd, 2023Events

Explore the Future by Following 

the Footsteps of the Past

THIS History Day

Throughout the secondary division, students have spent the fall semester exploring self-selected inquiry topics in history, economics, and society. On Wednesday December 20th we turned classrooms in THIS into a multi-floor History Day gallery walk so that we could celebrate the variety and depth of student research at THIS. 


Research is the foundation for developing student’s critical and historical thinking skills. Therefore, students from different grade levels carried out various projects based on this foundation. Through their projects, students posed thought provoking inquiry questions and utilized historical databases to find and evaluate primary and secondary sources. They quoted, summarized, and evaluated evidence in order to make historical claims about the past. 

Retrospectives of the Events of Different Gradees

Students shaped their research into a variety of outputs based on the grade level and project focus.

• Grade Seven students wrote engaging historical fiction linked to their inquiry topics.

• Grade Eight students reflected on social justice in medieval societies and used this as a lens to understand our world today.

• Grade Nine students used their technology skills to craft a variety of multimedia presentations.

• Grade Ten and Eleven students documented and explored the steps of the research process in their portfolios and reflection journals.

• AP students examined primary sources to create their own document-based questions (DBQ).

• Seniors in Economics, Foundations of Modern China, and Independent Study presented their findings in simulations and interactive presentations.

The History Day organized by THIS was a captivating journey through the corridors of time. Students showcased their research prowess, presenting compelling exhibits, and performances that brought historical events to life. From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, the event celebrated the rich tapestry of human history. The engaging presentations not only reflected academic excellence but also ignited a passion for understanding and appreciating the complexities of our shared past. Truly a day for the history stories!

文字 Writing | Kyle Schaefer, Fontaine Yang

排版 Editing | Fontaine Yang

图片 Pictures | Fontaine Yang, Laura White

审核 Auditing |  Scott Paré, Toni Dong, 

Wenting Bai, Renee Zhu


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