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THIS All Faculty Online Meeting for Remote Teaching


With the onset of the pandemic outbreak at the beginning of May, THIS quickly carried out the mandatory prevention requirements. Principal Ms.Li Wenping with the Division Directors held an all-faculty meeting to put into full effect THIS’s online teaching and learning plan. With concentrated effort, THIS ensured a smooth transition to high-quality remote learning with the health and safety of each student in mind.


Online class with Tsinghua University Science Museum


During the online teaching, the high school Chinese history elective course connected with the Tsinghua University Science Museum and collaborated to create the thematic course “The Establishment of the Kingdom of Reason: A Journey of Exploration of the Modern Scientific Spirit”. Our students followed the footsteps of Ms. Dai Xiaofei, a teacher at the Museum, and watched the documentary——”Straight to the Clouds: Leonardo da Vinci’s Flight and Engineering Machinery Exhibition”. 

By watching a piece of exquisite restored Da Vinci’s scientific achievements, students not only understood the mechanical principles, but also deepened their understanding of the pure spirit of science – “science for science’s sake”. After that, Ms. Dai gave a special lecture on “Western Scientific Spirit”, explaining the origin and development of Western scientific spirit since ancient Greece, which laid a solid foundation for students’ further study of “New Cultural Movement” in Chinese History class.


We, Spartans, can do it!

左:陈奕晴 6年级, 

右上:柏夫 7年级,右下:焦湛雯 7年级

left: Ellie Chen-Grade 6, 

top right: Ame-Grade 7, 

bottom right: Wendy Jiao-Grade 7


THIS students are THIS Spartans. We expect every student to show resilience and a positive attitude when facing challenges. During this critical time, all of our students have been vigilant and have followed strict daily covid testing mandates. During the May Day holiday, students from the primary and secondary schools were inspired to create cute and vivid “pandemic stickers” in the image of the little Spartan warrior to show their bravery and optimism. No matter how challenging the pandemic has been, we can face it with grace!

唐瑛 6年级

Victoria Tang-Grade 6

张爱宁 6年级

Alyn Zhang-Grade 6

陈雅茹  6年级

Freya Chen-Grade 6

韩宓 10年级

Mia Han- Grade 10

叶雨珈 8年级

Jessica Ye-Grade 8

汤芊芊 6年级

 Lilian Tang-Grade 6


Together with our parents, we support our students.


Although normal teaching and learning was interrupted by the sudden outbreak, THIS remains a close-knit family. We value the cooperation between home and school, believing that mutual support and care will only strengthen our children’s growth. As a result, the school is communicating frequently and openly with parents. Our priority is our students and our efforts are focused on maintaining their mental wellness and further developing their good habits during this period of online learning. Also, recently shared with our parents, here are a few tips to help everyone stay safe and healthy.

Tip 1



Normalize our anxiety

Admittedly, we are living in an unusual period of time. It is normal to feel anxious when things are unpredictable. Instead of fighting with our feelings, try to embrace and accept them! Parents can help their children by telling them it’s okay to feel anxious/stressed/bad, and we are here together to support each other.

Tip 2



Eat healthy foods

A nutritious meal plan that is full of variety can help a person feel energized for the entire day! Parents can help make sure their children’s stomachs are full and happy, balanced with savory and sweet, while trying to avoid having too many snacks.

Tip 3



Dress up as usual and designate a quiet workspace that is organized and clean

Getting dressed properly keeps children (and adults) in the right mindset! What we wear has a strong effect on our attitudes and emotions. Parents, encourage your children to wear school shirts when attending live lessons.

Tip 4



Plan the day and maintain a to-do list

Keep a routine. Adults can help children to make a schedule so they can feel prepared and know what to expect.

Tip 5


•    起身在房间里简单活动

•    跟着视频做一些简单的锻炼

•    暂时放下电子设备

•    呼吸,冥想和小憩

Take smart and mindful breaks 

(see the examples below)

•    Standing up and walking around the apartment

•    Do a home workout video

•    Disconnect from electronics when taking a mental break

•    Breath, meditate, and pause

Tip 6


只有先照顾好自己,才能更好地照顾别人!父母之间需要相互支持,通过积极有效的沟通交流,形成教育 孩子的一致意见。当感到愤怒、不满或无力时,您可以用通过沟通交流的方式来表达和释放您的情绪和感受。


Only by taking good care of yourself, can you take care of others! Parents can support each other through regular communication about positive and effective ways to raise children. When adults or children have feelings of anger, dissatisfaction or powerlessness, use words to express these feelings, rather than angry outbursts and other actions.





We believe that the fog will eventually lift and the clouds will eventually clear.

It won’t be long before the epidemic leaves, and we will see everyone together again on campus!

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