Full Moon Makes Hearts Connected – THIS and THUHS Mid-Autumn Festival Exchange Activity

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Full Moon Makes Hearts Connected – THIS and THUHS Mid-Autumn Festival Exchange Activity

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or the Reunion Festival, is one of the traditional festivals of the Chinese nation and holds significant historical and cultural value. In order to inherit and promote the traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and to let more young people understand and love this beautiful festival, on September 27th, the 5th grade students from THIS and the 8th grade students from THUHS jointly organized a Mid-Autumn cultural exchange activity.

Nine students from the 8th grade, including Liu Yiyao, Geng Ziming, Xie Qiheng, Yan Junyi, Wu Weizhi, Yuan Quqing, Dong Yanze, Li Xujia, and Zhang Runjia, entered the classrooms of THIS to bring a wonderful display of Mid-Autumn cultural charm to their younger peers in the 5th grade.

The senior students from the 8th grade designed four sections for this Mid-Autumn exchange activity: singing performance, role-playing, introducing knowledge about mooncakes, and a final “crossword puzzle” game. The entire activity was accompanied by an interesting mooncake lucky draw.

Singing Performance

After the students from the 8th grade briefly introduced themselves, Zhang Runjia was the first to perform, singing the song “Exploring the Qing Shui River.” His excellent singing style and clear and melodious voice received rounds of applause from the international students.


In the role-playing activity, the senior students led their junior peers in studying the script and guided them on how to emotionally portray the characters. The THIS students who volunteered to perform on stage did a remarkable job interpreting the roles of Chang’e, Houyi, the Queen Mother of the West, and other characters, showing great enthusiasm, attentiveness, and emotions.

Mid-autumn Festival Introduction

The students from THUHS also made exquisite presentations to introduce the relevant knowledge about mooncakes, and interspersed interesting lottery draws. The children actively participated in the interaction, and after receiving their rewards, they joyfully tasted the mooncakes, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural significance behind the delicacies and expressing their recognition and love for traditional culture.

Activity 4
Crossword Puzzle

The final segment of the activity was the “crossword puzzle” game, designed around vocabulary related to Mid-Autumn Festival culture. This helped the international students learn and understand the vocabulary related to Mid-Autumn culture in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

The atmosphere at the event was joyful and heartwarming. Through this Mid-Autumn Festival exchange activity, Chinese traditional culture was spread and shared. The students from THUHS and THIS deepened their understanding and friendship across different cultures. The international students presented adorable gifts and certificates to the senior students from THUHS as a way of gratitude. They took photos together and eagerly anticipated their next reunion.

Event Initiator: Jeremy from THIS

Event Organizers: Xueqin Xiong from THUHS,

Mengyu Shang and Lihong Luo from THIS

Special thanks to the strong support from the leadership of THUHS and the thoughtful arrangements made by Xiong Xueqin, the 8th-grade group leader.

Interview with Teacher

Jeremy from THIS: 


It’s always good when THUHS and THIS can collaborate together because both set of students can either take on leadership roles or they can be the students, which reinforces some very important social skills. Also, it was a really wonderful experience for the THUHS students to share their knowledge in Chinese about the Mid-Autumn festival to the international students who might not have as much knowledge or information.

By collaborating together, both students can enhance our relationship to better understand each other and better understand Chinese culture.

Interview with Student

8th-grade student Geng Ziming from THUHS:


From the initial outline writing, division of tasks, and further negotiations to the late-night rehearsals over the phone on the final day, although time was tight and the tasks were heavy, the sense of achievement, happiness, and joy filled our hearts when we saw the joy on the faces of the international students receiving their prizes and their enthusiasm for participating in the activity. This Mid-Autumn Festival exchange activity was undoubtedly an unforgettable and unique memory for us.

文字 Writing | Mengyu Shang

排版 Editing | Fontaine Yang

图片 Pictures | Fontaine Yang, Jay Roden, Connie Jiao

审核 Auditing |  Scott Paré, Toni Dong, Wenping Li



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