THIS PD Day Special Needs Training

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THIS PD Day Special Needs Training

Tsinghua International School hosted a comprehensive professional development training session for its staff on Thursday, January 24, focusing on special education. The training was provided by Fly Solo, a dedicated and diverse team, including a speech therapist, occupational therapist, and the company’s owner, Jon Hsu. The session aimed to equip teachers with valuable insights and tools to better support students with special needs within the school community.


The training began with an insightful presentation by the owner summarizing statistics in the field of education regarding neuro-diverse students. It was followed by a speech therapist from Fly Solo, who delved into behavior strategies and social skills for students with differing needs. The occupational therapist then provided valuable insights and techniques to enhance the learning experience for students with sensory and processing issues. Jon, the owner of Fly Solo, wrapped up the session with an inspiring talk about the importance of identifying needs, responding appropriately and creating a system for the classroom  between educators and specialists to create a more supportive learning environment.


Teachers at Tsinghua International School expressed gratitude for the enriching training, noting that it provided them with practical skills and a deeper understanding of how to cater to the diverse needs of students. The event not only fostered professional development but also emphasized the school’s commitment to professional development of staff and at the same time responding to the unique requirements of every student.

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