The First Week of School Lighting Spirit and Setting Sail!

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The First Week of School

Lighting spirit and setting sail!

Setting Sail in Class

During the first week of school, students in the primary and secondary division began to gradually adapt to the life of the school year with a variety of learning and activities! Under the guidance of teachers, new students slowly got acquainted with each other and the seeds of friendship are sprouting. Each class established its own class culture through creating rules, building up a good spirit in respect and collaboration, and laying a good foundation for the new semester’s learning and class life.


On Wednesday, primary students participated in the value emphasis activity. On the playground, students were divided into five groups and rotated through different kinds of activities, learning the core value of collaboration and respect while doing fitness challenges. Secondary students also participated in different activities during extended homeroom time and in class to strengthen class cohesion and build class culture together.

Freshman Pizza Party 

for 7th and 8th graders

Organized by school counselors Ms. Laura (secondary counselor) and Dr. Gerald (primary counselor), grade 7 and 8 new students attended a pizza party prepared in their honor. Some of the returning grade 9 students also came to the party voluntarily to share their feelings and answer questions for the new students. The new students enjoyed delicious pizza and salad, talked to each other in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, and listened to the advice from the grade 9 students. Unlike on their first day, the students had shaken off their nervousness and shyness, and from their smiling faces we could see that they had already integrated into the loving and united big family of THIS.

College Counseling Workshop for G9-10 Students & Parents

In order to help G9 students, who have just entered high school adapt to the pace of high school learning as soon as possible, as well as grade 10 students prepare for the road of application for the future, Principal Li Wenping invited Mr. Bruce Hammond, a senior advisor of the THIS College Counselling Team, to return to the campus where he worked for six years, to bring a lecture full of useful information for parents and students. Mr. Hammond is one of the first foreign teachers to work as a college advisor in Chinese public schools. He is the editor-in-chief of the Fiske College Guide and has participated in the writing of four Fiske books, making him a leading authority in the field of college guidance.

Mr. Hammond gave an in-depth analysis of the various aspects universities look at when students apply, including academic level, standardized tests, extracurricular activities, and personal aspects, etc. He also gave detailed explanations and suggestions on the different focuses of 9th and 10th grades in preparing for college admission, summer programs, and four-year planning for high school. During the Q&A session, some parents asked more in-depth and detailed questions, which were fully answered by Mr. Hammond and summarized by Ms. Amy Zou, the College Guidance Coordinator, to make sure that parents and students in the audience were able to understand accurately. Both parents and students felt greatly benefited from the lecture.

School life, Curriculum and Activities Lecture for G9 Students &Parents

Followed by the college counseling workshop, Mr. Scott Pare, Secondary Director, Ms. Benita Sumita, Associate Curriculum Director, and Ms. Joy Zhou, Activities Coordinator, gave G9 parents and students a thorough introduction to high school life, the high school curriculum, and student activities. Teachers encouraged students to embrace challenges and opportunities, learn to make plans for their studies and extracurricular activities, and fully engage in the new semester’s activities to create their own highlights.

Admission Tour

THIS college counseling team also brought college admissions officers to campus! On Friday, the Admission Tour, cohosted by InitialView and THIS was successfully held. More than 30 admissions officers from top U.S. universities, including Carnegie Mellon, Boston University, Vanderbilt University, Swarthmore College, and Georgia Institute of Technology and so on. Parents and students were able to communicate one-on-one with the admissions officers, asking questions and solving puzzles, which brought them one step closer to their dream schools!

With that touch of Tsinghua purple

The new school year has fully started

We look forward to a new school year 

in which students connect with others &

create more excitement!

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