2023-24 School Year Opening Ceremony| Speech of Principle Li – Enpowering in Connection

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Executive Principal Ms. Wenping Li’s

Opening Remarks


2023-24 School Year Opening Ceremony

Dear teachers, students, and parents,

Good morning!

As we do at the beginning of every fall, we once again welcome the start of a new academic year. In this new year, many new students have joined the THIS family. Let’s warmly welcome them.


Our campus has had a facelift, you must have noticed many new changes. From the newly renovated reception hall to the visually striking THIS FAMILY corridor, from the refurbished and bright restrooms to the small garden, from the vibrant sports hall walls to the art gallery of the second floor in the gym, from the added classrooms to the optimized learning spaces, and even the repositioning of the smartboard in the classrooms for a better viewing angle. Every change brings us joy and excitement. These are just the visible improvements; there are many behind-the-scenes projects, such as the replacement of the sports hall floor, extensive plumbing and electrical renovations, and upgrades to network hardware and printing services. Next year, we will continue to enhance our school facilities during the summer break, striving to create a better campus environment for everyone. As the school continues to evolve and rejuvenate, are you all ready for the new academic year?


Post-pandemic, I have chosen “connection” as the keyword for the school year. I hope we can strengthen the connections between teachers and students, amongst peers, between teachers, the spiritual legacy of successive graduates,between home and school, and between internal and external resources. Let us empower each other through these connections, draw strength, learn, and grow. I have three expectations for everyone:


Firstly, maintain physical and mental health through connections.


As you all know, the school has added wellbeing to our core values in the past two years. From the perspective of “cultivating individuals,” nurturing healthy and harmonious individuals is the basic responsibility of education. Exercise and reading, though often mentioned, are essential for physical and mental health. Exercise strengthens the body, which is the foundation for resilience. Physical health can fight against mental weakness. Mr. Ma Yohan, a pioneer of physical education at Tsinghua University and a flag bearer of Chinese sports, emphasized the “transfer value” of sports. Therefore, Tsinghua has always valued sports, emphasizing “No sports, no Tsinghua.” I hope every student has a sport they love and can inspire their friends to join them.


Reading is the power source for constructing a rich inner world. Reading leads to more knowledge and wisdom. The more profound our inner knowledge, the more unbreakable we become. Reading is also a way of cultivating the mind and body. In the new academic year, I hope everyone can read together, share recommendations, and let the light of reading illuminate everyone’s heartyour world.


Secondly, find the power of passion through connections.


Last year’s art festival featured the musical “Hamilton,” which left a deep impression on everyone. The brilliant presentation of this classic musical on the THIS stage originated from the passion of two high school students. They studied the musical since the tenth grade and, in the eleventh grade, connected with the dance club and other students passionate about music and performance. Their love for art culminated in a spectacular show that left us in awe.


Before the graduation of the class of 2023, the school organized several offline sharing sessions for them. These students have different paths, but they all shine brightly. They all mentioned the impact clubs have had. A group of people with common passions coming together is like gathering tiny lights to form a brilliant galaxy. I hope that every student can find their passion, connect with others, and shine brightly.


Lastly, find personal value through connections.


In fact, connections are not just about drawing strength but also about giving back. When we learn to connect with the outside world and view it with an open mind, our life’s perspective and vision expand. When we use our talents, passions, and specialties to serve others, change the community, and contribute to society, we feel a sense of personal value. This value becomes an intrinsic motivation, promoting personal growth. I’ve seen students passionate about math share their knowledge with younger students, debate enthusiasts develop critical thinking courses, and MUN students transition into MUN coaching careers. They move from theory to practice, from individual to community, and from the ivory tower to the broader world. This positive external “connection” reflects the proactiveness and responsibility of International Departmentour students as global citizens and embodies the spirit of the new generation.


After sharing this year’s keyword “connection” with the teachers at the all-faculty meeting last week, Mr. Pare, the secondary director, quoted Tom Ford in response: “The most important things in life are the connections you make with others.” Therefore, I look forward to seeing you create more wonderful moments in the new academic year through your connections with others. 


Stay Strong! Stay Connected!


Thank you all!

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