大师进校园(三)| “独脚潘”:人生不设限,一切皆有可能!

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No Limits in Life









Life is not always full of challenges,

When encountering the sudden difficulties in life, how will you face it?

Do you confine yourself to the situation, 

or do you step out and overcome it?

On May 17th, THIS invited Mr. Pan Junfan, the world’s first leg amputee to complete the 108km Gobi Challenge, to share his story about “Life without Limits.” In this third session of the school’s Master Talk series, our secondary students and teachers listened attentively to his inspiring words. 

THIS Master Talk



Mr. Pan described his journey in four parts: “Rock Bottom”, “Rebirth”, “Breakthrough” and “Creation”. 

In 2015, Mr. Pan lost his leg in a car accident. Subsequently, his career, family and overall health also suffered. Instead of letting the tragedy define him, he chose to step up and was determined to overcome the challenge. In the 8 years since then, Mr. Pan has gone from “everyone thought his life was over” to leaving his footprint setting records in the fields of hiking, triathlon, and cross-country running. With his strong faith and perseverance, he told himself, “Since I want to explore new life experiences, I should not set limits for myself. I should not let others evaluate and limit expectations for me.” Because of this, Mr. Pan came out more enlightened life and has been living a more extraordinary life.


Mr.Pan participated in the Australia Ironman


Mr.Pan’s Gobi Trek

THIS Master Talk


In 2016, Mr. Pan completed the 108-kilometer trek through the Gobi Desert. From 2016 to 2018, he hiked through nine different landscapes in China. In 2019, he became the first Chinese athlete with leg amputation to complete the Australian Ironman. In 2021, he continued to challenge himself by completing the historic “Four Poles of China” Marathon Grand Slam. When seeing these real-life experiences, the students expressed their admiration through warm applause for Mr. Pan.

THIS Master Talk


From his unique life experiences, Mr. Pan has a broader latitude in his perception about life. He used his own ups and downs to convey positive power and beliefs to the students. No one’s life can be smooth, but everyone has the opportunity to create his/her own life experience. Everything you experience in life will be connected at some point in the future and that will become your unique life harvest. So, face every challenge in life with courage!


Master Talk


The inspiring talk from Mr. Pan spiritually energized the entire audience. We hope that by knowing about Mr. Pan’s life journey will further encourage our students to actively explore their inner selves so they may find their passions, strengthen their faith in life, and embrace the possibilities.

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