Countdown | Only 2 days to the First THIS Open Day

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In Tsinghua University Campus, 

there is this unique school that

provides children of foreign 

and overseas returnees with

with an international education that combines 

the best of Chinese and Western education.

Some say the school is “mysterious”;

others say it has the quality of 

the ideal model of education.

In summary, THIS is a school of its own kind.



Located on the campus of Tsinghua University High School, Tsinghua International School has been adhering to the mission of ” fosters creative critical thinkers who have roots in China and prepare to lead in the global community” since its establishment in 2009. Over the past 14 years, the school has been practicing its vision of “becoming a model of education that combines the best of Chinese and Western education”, and has become the school of choice for families of returnees because of its outstanding student body, excellent faculty and great achievements.


In this “small but beautiful” school, teachers and students are closely connected, home and school work hand in hand to support each other, the school’s solid and rigorous curriculum, abundant and colorful campus activities, comprehensive support to fully empower the students, and a family-like community culture together constitute the THIS big family.


On October 31st.

The first THIS Open Day of this school year is about to kick off.

We would like to invite parents to come to the school to have an in-depth understanding of our educational philosophy and school culture,

and to experience the learning and life of THIS.

We look forward to meeting you!



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