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Welcome to THIS Primary School, where magical moments happen!


Here at THIS, we foster joyful learners that love to engage and explore through our Western curriculum and large variety of activities. Immersing themselves in an environment where English is the language of instruction, students love reading, writing, doing hands-on tasks and collaborating together. Triggering their interest and curiosity and enriching their experiences, we embrace the infinite possibilities of the world by learning and having fun at THIS!


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About Tsinghua International School (THIS)



Located on the campus of Tsinghua University High School, Tsinghua International School aims to “foster creative critical thinkers who have roots in China and prepare to lead in the global community” since its establishment in 2009. Over the past 14 years, the school has been “becoming a model of education that combines the best of Chinese and Western education,” and has become the school of choice for families of returnees[BS1]  because of its driven student body, dedicated faculty and outstanding achievements.



THIS is a WASC-accredited grade 1-12 school, recruiting foreign students with Chinese visa and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Our curriculum integrates Chinese and Western cultures, with Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school. THIS is also a US College Board member, as well as a testing center for AP, ACT, and SAT.


THIS Core Values


THIS has a signature curriculum taught by a faculty who are at the forefront of their disciplines and skills. THIS students have robust academic skills rooted in critical thinking, innovation, and leadership boosted by bicultural and global perspectives that aim to contribute to sustainable and positive change in the world. Their learning journeys are not limited within classrooms. They have won many competitions abroad and at home, including Chinese and English debate tournaments, MUN conferences, World Scholarship Cups, International Space Settlement Design Competitions, IGEM and several Mathematics Competitions. The school has over 50 secondary student-led clubs,over 20 primary after-school activities and more than 20 sports teams. 

THIS graduates are accepted by top universities in the world, including but not limited to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Brown University, Cornell University, University of Toronto, University of Cambridge, and Tsinghua University.


THIS is a close-knit family of teachers, students and parents. We work hand-in-hand to support each other through the solid and rigorous curriculum, abundant and inspiring co-curricular activities, and a culture of care and compassion.


About THIS Primary School 

(Grade 1-5)



Primary School(Grade 1-5)

THIS Primary is a joyful community of learners using a progressive American curriculum. We use project and inquiry-based learning to promote engagement and understanding. THIS Primary is fun! Our unique educational philosophy is guided by developmentally sound, well researched programs. Each homeroom has a teaching assistant to support learning within and outside of the classroom. Our homeroom teachers are well trained in teaching reading, writing, social studies, and math, and our specialist teachers are educated in and passionate about their content areas of science, visual arts, music, Chinese, and physical education. We all work together to build a community of 21st century learners who are passionate, curious, and creative.



THIS Primary Open Day


2023.12.19 Tue 8:30-12:00


Tsinghua University Hign School Campus, Zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing


  • School Introduction

  • Primary Introduction

  • School Tour

  • Admission Q&A

  • Parents who attend the Open Day are invited to Primary concert and Winter fair on 12.21 Thursday. (Limited seats. Register now!)


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