THIS New Teachers Orientation Week | 清华附中国际部新成员集结完毕!

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The THIS New Teacher Orientation Week officially kicked off on August 16th. Selected from many applicants, our new teachers came together this week to prepare for the start of school. THIS hosted both remote and in person sessions giving teachers the opportunity to become familiar with the school culture while integrating their own strengths with the features of the school.


清华附中国际部执行校长李文平、学术校长Reid Prichett、校长助理白文婷、行政主任董文博、小学部主任Britni Padilla、中学部主任Dieu-Anh Nguyen以及课程主任Caroline Scott都对新教师们的加入表示了热烈的欢迎,并在培训中分别主持不同的培训模块。

THIS Executive Principal Ms. LI Wenping, Academic Principal Dr. Reid Prichett, Assistant Principal Ms. BAI Wenting, Director of Administration Ms. DONG Wenbo, Primary Director Ms. Britni Padilla, Secondary Director Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen, and Curriculum Director Ms. Caroline Scott extended their warm welcome to all of the new teachers as well as facilitated different orientation sessions throughout the week.



Principal Ms. LI Wenping first introduced the history, mission and vision of THIS which all are aligned with Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Affiliated High School. As Principal Li said, every teacher should be motivated by the school motto of “Self-Discipline and Social Commitment” from the moment they join THIS. Every teacher should work with optimism and enthusiasm, and follow the Tsinghua spirit of “actions speak louder than words” in their work, remembering to be ourselves, and pass on positive influence to the students and colleagues. THIS teachers always pursue excellence. These are what THIS expects of all the new teachers.


Also, Principal Li emphasized that THIS, with its development of more than 10 years, has always adhered to the mission of “fostering creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community.” In all aspects of its education, she hopes that the new teachers would be guided by this mission and work with a sense of care and faith. THIS is a big family full of love, where we help each other and make progress together to achieve our common goals.


Ms. BAI Wenting followed by giving a detailed introduction of the school’s value and teaching philosophy. She also showed the teachers the diverse and meaningful learning activities and student clubs at THIS. Also during the session, Mr. Bai interacted with new teachers through an online word cloud. Using the real-time Q&A form, everyone participated and brainstormed, showing their understanding and wonderful interpretation of education.


Each day, a handful of new teachers would introduce themselves through video, PPT, poetry, storytelling, or photos. By the end of the week, each school leader and new teachers had shared life experiences, hobbies, professional strengths and teaching tips. These wonderful introductions and active interactions facilitated by Dr. Prichett made everyone get acquainted quickly even for those new foreign teachers still in quarantine. Everyone is looking forward to seeing each other on campus soon.




Our parents also welcomed the new teachers during orientation week. A close school-family partnership is important to the steady development of the THIS education community. Parents shared their thoughts on the efforts and care for their children’s physical and emotional development and on parent-child relationships. Director of Administration Ms. DONG Wenbo introduced the THIS Parent Council to the new teachers – an example of the harmonious relationship that has consistently been a prominent feature of THIS. Parents expressed that the excellent growth of their children come from the close communication and cooperation between families and the School. The teachers’ professional guidance both in person and remote during the pandemic, as well as their attentive organization of student activities, have earned the trust and recognition of parents.


Student representatives from different grades also met with the new teachers online. They shared their learning experiences and their involvement in clubs and activities. The students mentioned that the teachers at THIS are both good teachers and good friends with them. They are excited to welcome their new teachers and hope to learn more about each other.


(上图:中学部线下教研讨论  下图:小学部线下教研讨论)


The orientation also included a number of thematic discussions, including how to use various management systems like PowerSchool, the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation process, use of school email and other procedures and protocols. New teachers learned about the school culture of respecting cultural diversity, valuing participation, fostering Spartan spirit, encouraging exploration, and focusing on enhancing bilingual literacy, which they will practice in the upcoming teaching activities. For example, the primary division led by Director Ms.Britni Padilla conducted the responsive classroom training while the secondary division led new teachers through syllabus development. The new teachers worked closely to further enhance their professional skills making sure they can welcome the new semester with full confidence.


Additionally, the orientation provided the foreign teachers an introduction to Chinese laws and regulations, social culture, and the dos and don’ts of working in China. This specific theme allowed the new foreign teachers, especially those who are new to China, to deepen their understanding of China enabling them to quickly adapt to the working atmosphere and pace.

培训最后一天,全体在京新教师来到国际部校园相聚。中学部主任Dieu-Anh Nguyen特地准备了欢迎早餐会,让大家在轻松活跃的氛围中彼此熟悉,并开始一天的培训。通过实地参观校园场馆、教室设备等,新教师们对工作环境有了直观感受,随后小学部新外籍班主任与各自助教老师相互见面了解,提前探讨规划教学安排。

On the last day of orientation, all the new teachers in Beijing came to the campus to meet. Secondary Director Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen prepared a special welcome breakfast for everyone, building a relaxed atmosphere for all of the new teachers to start the day. Everyone visited the campus and classrooms. Also, new primary homeroom teachers met with their teaching assistants to get to know each other and discuss their teaching plan for the year.



By the end of orientation week, THIS new teachers are ready to go! What THIS brings to each teacher is not only a job position, but also a rich experience and a platform to meet challenges, improve their skills, and make achievements.

夏尽秋来开学季,下周国际部还将持续开展为期一周的全体教师开学培训,带领老师们做好充分准备,迎接孩子们的归来!As summer ends and autumn comes, the new semester is approaching. THIS will continue to hold the In-Service Week for all teachers next week, leading them to be fully prepared for the return of the students!

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