Ying Zhu

Executive Principal

Principal Zhu Ying holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from East China Normal University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Since graduating in 2005, she has been working at THUHS and has achieved outstanding teaching results. She is deeply loved and respected by the students. Since 2011, she has successively held positions as the head of the English Lesson Planning Team, deputy head of the English Teaching Research Group, and Grade Level Leader, demonstrating rich experience in education, teaching, and management.
In addition, she is a core editor of the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press English textbooks and a practical tutor for full-time master’s education program at Beijing Normal University. She has also served as the chief editor for professional books. Principal Zhu has a deep passion and great enthusiasm for education. She firmly believes in the student-centered educational philosophy and is dedicated to providing students with a platform for comprehensive development.
Adhering to the spirit of Tsinghua University, she will inspire and lead all the faculty and students of THIS to march forward!

Maxine Klimasara

Academic Principal

Ms. Maxine Klimasara, an American citizen, obtained a bachelor’s degree in education, from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of Pittsburgh as well as elementary and secondary principal and superintendent certificates. For 46 years, she worked as a primary and a middle school teacher, and a primary, middle and high school principal in multiple schools. In addition, she has also served as a consultant at Point Park University, a supervisor for Western Pennsylvania school districts, and a graduate assistant at the University of Pittsburgh. She has accumulated rich experiences in education, teaching and management.

Ms. Klimasara, joined Tsinghua International School in August 2011 to explore the educational philosophy of combining Chinese and Western cultures and to support the academic growth of the school.  She loves and cares about the students, staff and families who are part of THIS.

Wenting Bai

Chinese Vice Principal

Ms. Bai graduated from Beijing Normal University and majored in Chinese Subject Teaching. She has been teaching at THIS since 2010 and has been working as a Chinese teacher, homeroom teacher, Chinese department head, Assistant Principal and now she works as the Chinese Vice Principal. She has been in charge of designing the Chinese curriculum as well as organizing Chinese special events. With Ms. Bai at the helm, the Chinese team has compiled a series of Handbooks on “Chinese Cultural Exploration and Practice”, planned and organized Chinese cultural events such as “One City, One Story” and “Ten Years of Books Together With You”. Ms. Bai has also devoted herself to the study of how to effectively guide students in reading, public speaking, and presentation. In closing, her essays in educational research have repeatedly been awarded first prize by various educational organizations.


Jeanne Croker

Dean of Faculty

Jeanne Croker is beginning her 8th year at THIS and her 41st year as an educator. Previously at THIS she was a math teacher and the department head. Jeanne has a love of China and its people that shines through in her interactions with the staff and students and her extensive travels throughout China. Jeanne comes from Maryland, USA where she earned her master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. She believes strongly in “how and why” and not just rote memorization. But perhaps most importantly, she believes in walking the walk. She is an advocate for students, teachers and staff and encourages all to become their best selves.

Toni Dong

Director of Administration

Toni Wenbo Dong holds a Master of Education degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics from Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has worked at THIS since 2009 and has served in multiple positions. Currently, she works as the Director of Administration and also a homeroom teacher, responsible for the school’s administration, foreign affairs, finance, operations, logistics, media, dormitory, government affairs, and other work. She loves education and aims for the continuous growth of everyone in the community, including students, teachers, and parents. As a founding member of THIS, she shapes and demonstrates the school’s educational philosophy. Over the past decade, she has led the team to create an extremely positive and caring community environment.

Scott Pare

Secondary School Director

Scott Pare is originally from Ontario, Canada where he earned his teacher and principal certification. He has a B.A./B.Ed from Brock University, Ontario, Canada, a M.A. from Columbia University, NY. USA, and has served in schools in Canada, South Korea and China over the past 25 years. During his career, Mr. Pare has worked as a teacher, college counselor, curriculum director and vice principal. He is an advocate for improving the student experience and supports student choice in their learning and opportunities in a strong extracurricular program. Mr. Pare believes that one of the cornerstones of a strong educational program is relationships, and he looks forward to building relationships with all stakeholders in the THIS community.

Rachel Rudisaile

Primary School Director

Rachel Rudisaile holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a Master’s degree in English as a second language and Bilingual education. As an international educator and school leader for the past 13 years, her vision revolves around creating a nurturing, culturally diverse, and academically rigorous environment that prepares students for success in the 21st century. Collaboration and open communication with parents, faculty, and staff are central to her approach. She strongly believes in building strong partnerships with families to ensure that students receive the best possible support and guidance both at school and at home. Prior to joining THIS, Rachel served as a homeroom teacher, and as an Elementary Vice Principal in Hong Kong, and in mainland China.

Benita Sumita

Associate Curriculum Director

Dr. Benita Sumita is our Associate Curriculum Director and high school Social Studies teacher. She received her Ph.D. and Master’s degrees from the University of Bradford and University of Londonboth in the UK, respectively. Prior to teaching at THIS, Dr. Sumita has taught undergraduates at the University of Bradford and high school students in London. She began at THIS in 2017 as the high school freshman Humanities teacher, and also taught other social studies subjects such as International Relations, Gender Studies and Introduction to Social Psychology. She now teaches AP Psychology.  

Before finding her way into classrooms, her professional journey began as a researcher with the World Bank, United Nations and other think tanks in South Asia. Her ethos is rooted in the belief that education is empowerment, it is about enabling students to build a bridge between learning and living. Meanwhile in life, the most important value one ought to uphold is kindness and compassion to others, care for others and be the voice of the voiceless. #Make Stories Matter. 

Weiky Liu

Associate Secondary Director

After graduating from University of Pennsylvania, Ms.Liu has worked more than 14 years for K-12 schools in both China and the US. She is core member of the preformation team for international schools under Tsinghua University High School (TUHS). She participated in the establishment of several new schools in TUHS system and worked as administrators in these schools. Ms.Liu is dedicated to promoting high-quality learning experiences for students and empowering students and teachers in THIS community.

Helen Luo

Associate Primary Director

Helen Luo holds a Master’s degree in Education Management and a certificate as a second language teacher in English. Since 2014, she has been working at THIS as a teaching assistant head, Primary Director Assistant, and now she works as the Associate Primary Director. She has been in charge of multiple tasks such as teacher professional development, and has written different papers. She cares about the holistic development of students in international education and believes that education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

Nora Li

Associate Admission Director

Nora Li, with a master’s degree of education from the University of Miami. She is also a high school homeroom teacher. She hopes to see the growth of children on campus, cultivate upward and kind students, and continuously brighten their lives and studies. She always believed that education is not the filling of a pail but lighting of a fire.