Established in March 2009, Tsinghua International School is an integration of Chinese and Western education and culture. The school aims to provide education that introduces the western education philosophy with acculturation. THIS has a primary, middle and high school and currently we have more than 450 students. Our students come from more than 20 countries and regions including the US, UK and Canada. Located opposite to Yuanming Yuan (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), THIS takes pride in its campus, which is on the grounds of the 100-year-old well-known Tsinghua University High School and surrounded by a strong academic atmosphere.


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Collaboration: Sharing our gifts, strengths and perspectives; working together to solve problems and achieve goals.

THIS Core Value

Discovery: Pursuing ideas and topics that pique our curiosity, and developing creative responses to challenges and opportunities.

THIS Core Value

Spartan Spirit: Promoting independence, caring, courage, and integrity.

THIS Core Value

Engagement: Nurturing meaningful learning experiences that require active participation and critical thinking, lead to deep understanding, and foster lifelong learning.

THIS Core Value

Cultural Diversity: Respecting ourselves and others, welcoming difference, and embracing the richness of Chinese culture.

THIS Core Value

Our Approach

Tsinghua International School’s mission is to foster creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community. We aim to develop the whole child, nurturing individuals of exceptional character who will make positive contributions to the world.

The Admission office works tirelessly with all prospective parents and students to make sure that THIS is the right fit. They do interviews with parents and students as well as conducting entrance assessments. Admissions staff members also conduct visits and tours for interested parents and students.

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In order to support our world-class instructional program, opportunities are offered to students to participate in curriculum-based field experiences with community service components. The study of the arts, computer technology and physical education further facilitate the education of the whole child. Students at THIS identify themselves as “Joyful Learners”!

Students at THIS have a wealth of activities from which they can choose to participate. There are more than 25 clubs and organizations, three sports seasons filled with opportunities for athletes at any level, and after school programs that range from working in the STEAM lab to working on your jump shot!

WASC Accreditation

Tsinghua International School was accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) in January 2016 for a period of 6 years.

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Tribes Learning Communities

THIS middle school students are organized into TRIBES via their homeroom assignments. Teachers conduct activities, throughout the year that teach students to develop positive character traits like having empathy and showing respect for others.

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Understanding By Design

THIS teachers follow the UBD model when converting standards into lessons. Backward design is essential to forming sound unit plans that reflect what student outcomes will be achieved in a given academic period.

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US Common Core Curriculum

As the backbone for planning curricular units, THIS teachers use the California version of the Common Core standards for teaching and learning. These standards represent the starting point for teachers in the development of unit plans for study.

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AP & College Board

THIS offers lots of course on the Advanced Placement level. AP courses challenge students on the collegiate level and may result in college credits for students who achieve at the highest level on the year end exams. AP teachers at THIS are all AP certified for their respective courses.

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Responsive Classroom

THIS Primary uses the Responsive Classroom approach in setting expectations, classroom management, and building community. Responsive classroom recognizes that how children learn is as important as what they learn and that academic success and socio-emotional development are intertwined.

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