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Tsinghua International School is an integration of Chinese and Western education and culture combined with the Tsinghua spirit. Students of THIS have strong ability in both Chinese and English as well as excellent academic competence. The school not only offers solid academic programs but also focuses on students’ overall development. These distinctive features also make Tsinghua International School become the preferred school for the children of returnees.

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Tsinghua International School’s mission is to foster creative critical thinkers who are rooted in China and prepared to lead in the global community.


We aim to develop the whole child, nurturing individuals of exceptional character who will make positive contributions to the world.

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Friday January 14th, 2022

THIS Master Talks 大师进校园 | 邓亚萍:我不怕输,我更敢赢!

“大师进校园”(一)邓亚萍专题讲座: 一路向前,永不服输 Always moving forward, never giving up 2021-2022学年,清华附中国际部与国际部家委会携手共同打造“大师进校园”系列活动,邀请各行各业的“大师们”走进校园,为学生们讲述成长故事、心路历程,分享不同行业的精彩与挑战,帮助孩子们打开一扇扇窗,看到这个世界的无限可能与缤纷美好。 THIS together with the support from the Parent Council proudly launched the lecture series “THIS Master Talks” for the 2021-2022 academic year yesterday….

Friday January 14th, 2022

THIS Volleyball Season | 一个排球,一腔热血,一往无前!

排球之约,挥洒汗水,不负青春 Go for volleyball, go for youth   作为国际学校体育协会(ISAC)成员,清华附中国际部的各个学生运动队每年都积极踊跃地参与和北京及周边国际学校举办的各类体育赛事。其中,排球运动是我校最受欢迎的运动之一。本赛季中,男女排球队凭借出众的实力双双获得ISAC亚军的好成绩!   As a member of the International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC), students at THIS annually participate in various sports tournaments held…

Student Achievements
Friday January 14th, 2022

厉害了,我的THIS(下)|THIS-China Team Science Lab and Activities

玩转科学世界,探索生物奥秘 Explore the scientific world for the mysteries of biology   在今年国际基因工程机器大赛(iGEM)中,THIS- China团队斩获铜奖!而早在赛前, THIS- China团队在校内分别为小学部和初中部精心准备了科学活动和实验工作坊,向同学们科普相关生物知识,让更多同学共同探索科学的乐趣,为清华附中国际部大家庭贡献自己的一份力量。下面,让我们一起来看看他们组织的精彩活动吧! In order to make their own contribution to our THIS family, the THIS-China Team, who won…

Student Achievements
Friday January 14th, 2022

厉害了,我的THIS(上)|iGEM Competition Bronze Award

又是一年国际基因工程机器大赛(iGEM)!往年清华附中国际部都与清华附中共同组队参赛,国际部今年首次独立组队,以THIS-China战队参赛,与全球顶级名校学生同台竞技。THIS-China团队此次的参赛项目为“通过大肠杆菌构建传感器检测口腔内牙菌斑的数量”,在经过一系列紧张的备战与激烈的角逐之后,THIS-China团队表现优异,在来自世界各地的300多所学校中脱颖而出,斩获大赛铜奖! Another year of the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM)! THIS used to form the team together with the Tsinghua University High School for previous competitions. This year, THIS first formed…

“My favorite thing about THIS is the positive collaborative spirit that is present in the halls, classrooms, and meetings day after day.”

- Deborah Kapraun, Teacher

“I appreciate the school's teaching philosophy, which is free, diverse, and critical. Besides, all our colleagues are very friendly and enthusiastic; it's enjoyable to get along with them.”

- Cathy Pei, Teacher

“THIS is a family. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents work together and support each other to ensure the success of every child.”

- Robert Williams, Teacher

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