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Tsinghua International School is an integration of Chinese and Western education and culture combined with the Tsinghua spirit. Students of THIS have strong ability in both Chinese and English as well as excellent academic competence. The school not only offers solid academic programs but also focuses on students’ overall development. These distinctive features also make Tsinghua International School become the preferred school for the children of returnees.

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Tsinghua International School’s mission is to foster creative critical thinkers who have roots in China and are prepared to lead in the global community.


We aim to develop the whole child, nurturing individuals of exceptional character who will make positive contributions to the world.

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Tsinghua International School News

Wednesday April 26th, 2023

G8 Legacy activity | 种下小树苗,和我们一起茁壮成长!

Tuesday April 25th, 2023

G5 Earth Day | 登香山捡垃圾,爱护环境从我做起

Sunday April 16th, 2023

校友专访|2012届校友 Irvan Sutiono:去历练,去突破,国际部带我走向更广阔的世界

Wednesday April 12th, 2023

THIS & Tsinglan | 南北相聚,我们情深谊长

“My favorite thing about THIS is the positive collaborative spirit that is present in the halls, classrooms, and meetings day after day.”

- Deborah Kapraun, Teacher

“I appreciate the school's teaching philosophy, which is free, diverse, and critical. Besides, all our colleagues are very friendly and enthusiastic; it's enjoyable to get along with them.”

- Cathy Pei, Teacher

“THIS is a family. Students, teachers, administrators, and parents work together and support each other to ensure the success of every child.”

- Robert Williams, Teacher

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