CPR+AED Training | 接受急救培训,维护安全校园

By 2021年10月09日 星期六Events


THIS Trains Staff in CPR and AED


Student wellbeing and safety is fundamental to THIS. On August 27, 2021, Chinese and expat teachers underwent CPR and AED first aid training. The ZOLL first aid training team delivered a couple courses that provided the teachers with a comprehensive understanding of protocols for medical emergencies, such as sudden cardiac arrest, proper CPR procedures, use of AED defibrillators, and various medical emergency simulations.



The school organizes the CPR+AED training periodically in order to remind teachers and staff on campus the importance of such practice and to be familiar with how to conduct it. Every year, 540,000 people in China lose their lives due to sudden cardiac arrest, and 70% of these incidents occur outside of hospitals. Learning CPR techniques and how to the use AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) can help us to provide effective aid in an emergency, grasp the “golden 4 minutes” and increase the probability of survival.




A similar training was also organized in May this year for all THIS faculty and staff by the Red Cross Society of China. These two trainings ensure that our staff can respond to medical situations effectively and in a timely manner. We continue to work together to make the campus a safe place for the whole THIS community.


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