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Another year of the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM)! THIS used to form the team together with the Tsinghua University High School for previous competitions. This year, THIS first formed THIS-China team to participate in the competition, and competed with students from top high schools around the world. With tireless preparation and fierce competition, THIS-China excelled in the final presentation, and was selected from more than 300 schools for the Bronze Award. THIS-China team project was “Detecting the number of dental plaque in oral cavity by constructing sensor based on E.coli “, which won the unanimous recognition and praise of the judges and experts.



国际基因工程机器大赛是2003年由麻省理工大学创办的生物学领域最权威的赛事,每年吸引包括牛津、剑桥、哈佛、耶鲁等世界顶尖高校超过3000位世界各地的学生学者参加。The international genetic engineering machine competition (iGEM) is one of the best competitions in the field of biology founded by MIT in 2003. It attracts more than 3000 students from all over the world each year, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale. 

Ben Hwang

Devin Chen

Gavin Wang

Hanlin Wang

Kevin Hou

Kelly Chen

Richard Hou



The project goal is to detect the possible existence of dental plaque before the formation of dental plaque. Dental plaque is like a “bacterial community” composed of different bacteria, which will adhere to the teeth and lead to various dental diseases. In this project, we constructed an E. coli biosensor to detect the signal short peptide CSP produced by Streptococcus mutans, which causes dental plaque. The number of Streptococcus mutans in the patient’s mouth was detected by the display of color degradation.



Very good education video, and appreciate the mentioning of shortcomings faced during the research. Congratulations team for the great effort.


A promising topic about the point-of-care testing of dental problems. If it finally works, it will have a large market and a bright future. Keep on going!


This is a clever and interesting use of synthetic biology. You also did a solid job documenting your work. The promotion video was humorous and very engaging.


THIS-China provides a good project, which will be really helpful for dentists in the future. Good luck with continuing this project, especially in the field of hardware development.


A good presentation for a general audience. -The presentation had clear and well-made animations, and described the project well, which includes experimental goals and process, and human-practices collaborations.



Richard  Hou 

iGEM was definitely an incredible, memorable, but roundabout experience for me. As being the leader of THIS-China, our iGEM team, I had gain valuable insight throughout this project. First of all, iGEM as competition pushes me to learn academically, from the basic synthetic biology knowledge to designing a unique project then to doing the actual lab work. While at the same time, it also teaches me valuable day-to-day skills, like how to be a leader to communicate and lead the team, how to make surveys and videos, and even how to communicate with strangers to look for collaborations. From this project, I have also explored the importance of dental health, which a lot of people are not aware of them. That is why we have decided to do this project and spread awareness to the community.



在备战和比赛的过程中,同学们不仅收获了学科知识,增进了团队合作,更有机会结识不同国家和地区顶级名校的师生、专家学者,极大拓展了同学们的视野。赛后,老师们也鼓励大家进一步将这个项目整理成论文发表在国际有权威影响力的期刊上,也可以尝试申请国家发明专利。这既是新的挑战,又是对大家所做的任务进行梳理和总结的好机会。During the process of preparation and competition, the students not only gained academic knowledge and enhanced teamwork, but also had the opportunity to meet teachers and students, experts and scholars from top schools in different countries and regions, which greatly expanded their horizons. After the competition, they are also encouraged to organize this project into papers to publish in international authoritative journals, or to apply for national invention patents at the same time. This is both a new challenge for the students and a good opportunity to sort out and summarize the project they have done.

为了在日常生活中更好地普及生物科学知识,为清华附中大家庭贡献自己的一份力量, THIS-China团队在赛前特地在小学部和初中部为同学们开展了科学活动和实验工作坊,我们将在下篇中为大家精彩呈现,敬请期待!

In order to popularize the biological science knowledge for daily life and make contributions to our THIS family, THIS-China team conducted a series of science activities and experimental workshops for students in primary and secondary divisions before the competition. Let’s look forward to the next article.



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