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High School Program

The High School curriculum at THIS focuses on preparing students for competitive colleges and universities in the United States, Canada and other Western countries. 

Various Advanced Placement (AP) courses are availaboe and some credit-courses for independent research provide great opportunities to access the Tsinghua University Laboratories. In order to support the world-class instructional program in all high school grades, opportunities are offered to students to participate in curriculum-based field experiences with community service components.  These include in-depth study for high school students in Yunnan Province, Costa Rica, Greece and Italy and France.  Study of the Arts, Computer Science and Physical Education further facilitate the education of the whole child.   Students at “THIS” identify themselves as “Joyful Learners.“  They study diligently and respect each other as well as the adults in their community. 

Selections of High School Courses

English/Language Arts                                       Mathematics                                    

Chinese                                                               Science

Social Studies                                                     Computer Technology

Visual Arts and Performing Arts                        Physical Education & Health

Foreign Languages and Linguistics


 Download Program of Studies - 2016-17.pdf


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