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Student Life

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Student Life at THIS

About Our Extra-Curricular Activities


T.H.I.S. offers a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to get involved in at both the Primary and Secondary levels. Our extra-curricular activities are designed to enrich the student experience; giving our students the opportunity to take on leadership roles and explore new interests.


We encourage you to get involved!


Primary School Activities

Primary school clubs and sports are led by T.H.I.S. teachers unless otherwise specified.  Each year two or three sessions of activities are scheduled.  Activities, including sports, are held on:


Mondays:   3:15–4:00 PM

Tuesdays:  3:15–4:00 PM 


After school activities are announced several weeks in advance of a session by e-mail and letter to parents. Parents and children are given the opportunity to sign up for the activities of their choice. 


For an up-to-date list of current Clubs and Sports offered at the Primary level please click on the “Student Clubs” tab.


THIS is part of The International Schools Athletic Conference, also referred to as ISAC! Our primary school participates in the junior division through after-school sports activities such as soccer, T-ball and softball as well as in tournaments with other international schools in Beijing.  



Secondary School Activities

Our Secondary school has many clubs that span a wide variety of interests. Some clubs are student led while other clubs are organized by our teachers.

At the beginning of each semester a club fair is organized for students to become familiar with the clubs offered and to sign up. If you missed our club fair but would still like to join a club, please contact the club sponsor for more information.

A list of current clubs, meeting information, and sponsors can be found by clicking the “Student Clubs” tab.

For more information about Secondary sports please click on the “Sports” Tab.



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