Welcome to THIS New School Year | 新学年,新气象

By Saturday October 9th, 2021Events


With the hot summer weather gradually going away from us, the first day of school is coming soon in this beautiful autumn. After two weeks of training for new teachers and In-Service training and team building activities for all teachers, THIS teams have been more than prepared for the new school year. Chinese and foreign management teams and administration team led by Principal Li have also worked constantly from the summer vacation to the beginning of this new school school just to ensure all the preparations has been made and we will have a smooth start for the new semester.


THIS is looking forward to the arrival of the new semester and excited for the return of all our students. We are expecting to see the smiling faces of the students on the campus again, and to hear the bursts of laughter from the students, and are ready to welcome students to be active learners in their classes and to be engaged participants to all school activities in this new school year.


In the new school year, many changes are quietly taking place in the school. There are brand new carpets replaced in every classroom in the primary division; the basketball court on the playground was newly repainted and lined; pc lab and mac lab were upgraded; a computer section was added to the primary library area for primary students; each classroom was equipped with a brand new first aid kit; the men’s bathroom is hung with a curtain designed by the students; the video-making room is renovated with soundproof walls; the musical practice room in the gym is also newly decorated; the newly upgraded physics classroom on the third floor; the newly equipped robotic lab in the STEAM building ; Each floor of the teaching building is equipped with a new drinking mechine, providing boiling water, warm water, cold water and direct drinking water fountain… More surprises are waiting for the students to come to the campus and explore on their own!


THIS School Opening Schedule


One more thing that is still very important in the new semester is that the students and teachers must still make preparations and precautions for epidemic prevention. Sticking to the rule of “non-necessary do not gather, non-necessary do not leave Beijing”, all THIS members should do a good job of self-protection, monitor health conditions all the time and take corresponding measures in time, keep records of body temperature every day, wear masks, wash your hands frequently, and disinfect frequently on campus. In addition, parents please read carefully about the Epidemic Prevention Letter and finish the Commitment Letter before the school starts. Let’s keep our school a safe place and keep everyone healthy together!





THIS Spartans,

Looking forward to

seeing you back to THIS family next week!



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