2020-2021 THIS Opening Ceremony

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In the first two weeks of school, THIS students participated in classes and discussions enthusiastically, and teachers carefully prepared and instructed classes. The school environment is safe and organized, and the campus is back to its former liveliness.

On September 11th, all the students, families, and staff of Tsinghua International School and Daoxiang Lake campus celebrated the opening ceremony of the 2020-2021 school year with excitement. 

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of THIS primary division officially kicked off at 9:00 a.m. Admission Director Ms. Yi Lan hosted two ceremonies respectively and warmly welcomed all students and parents.

Principal ’s Opening Speech
THIS principal Ms. Li Wenping delivered an opening speech. She said though 2020 is quite a challenging year, it brings valuable opportunities for growth and change. Both our management team and faculty members dedicated to using their persistence and vigilance to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on students’ education and their academic performance. She spoke highly of the teachers’ dedication and the parents’ wonderful support. At the primary division’s opening ceremony, Ms. Li praised THIS students’ positive, brave, optimistic, diligent, and hardworking spirit during the online learning period. At the secondary division opening ceremony, she highly praised the distinguished accomplishments that students have made in the past year. THIS class of 2020 received acceptance letters from over 190 universities from all over the world and got a generous amount of college funding scholarships. As an international school affiliated with Tsinghua University, Ms. Li encouraged students to inherit and carry on the Tsinghua  Spirit. She also introduced THIS brand new Daoxiang Lake campus, which is one corpus with THIS.
Primary School Director
小学部主任Britni Padilla的致辞打动了在座的每一个人。她鼓励学生们要敢于面对新挑战;她感谢家长们的支持和付出;她表扬教师们做到了把教学放在第一位,努力把工作做到最好。
Everyone present was deeply touched by the speech from the Director of Primary Division  Ms. Britni Padilla. She encouraged every student to bravely embrace new challenges. She expressed her gratitude to parents for their support and dedication. She also spoke highly of the faculty members for putting teaching first in their hearts, and striving to do their best.
Secondary School Director
中学部主任Dieu-Anh Nguyen的致辞依旧幽默且充满力量。她引用美国著名文学家拉尔夫·沃尔多·爱默生的名言“生命是一场旅程,而不是终点”开场,她回顾自己25年在世界各地丰富的教育职业生涯,从小学、中学的任课教师到教育厅项目执行官。她分享了“关于我的6件小事”表达自己是一个“斜杠人”。作为新任中学部主任,她期待和学生们一起开启新的旅程。
The speech of the Director of Secondary Division Ms. Dieu-Anh Nguyen was humorous yet full of power. She quoted from the famous American writer Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Life is a Journey, not a destination”, she looked back at her 25 years of rich experience in education around the world, ranging from teacher to project executive officer of the Department of Education. She shared six little things about herself and expressed that she is a “and” person. As the new director, she looks forward to starting a new journey with the students.
Student  Representatives

十二年级学生代表詹怡华的演讲坦诚且自信,她讲述了自己参加MEAT Club、运动会、英文辩论社时发生的趣事,并表达了在经历这些趣事的过程中,她受到了THIS所蕴藏的美好。



As the youngest speaker at the opening ceremony, Lucy Du, the student representative from G5 said THIS is a magical place in her heart. She demonstrated her understanding of the Tsinghua Spirit: Being helpful, being a positive influence on others.

Jessica Zhang, the student representative from G12, delivered a sincere and confident speech. She shared her experiences in the MEAT Club, sports meetings, and English Debate Club, and emphasized the beauty of THIS in the process of telling these stories.


Academic Principals

国际部学术校长Maxine Klimasara女士发言。在小学部及中学部开学典礼上,她都赞扬了师生们高效、高质量的适应在线教学模式的能力。并向大家隆重介绍了新任学术校长Reid Prichett博士。

Academic Principal Ms. Maxine Klimasara delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of both primary and secondary divisions. She praised teachers and students for their efficiency and ability to adapt to the online teaching/learning method. She then introduced the new Academic Principal of THIS, Dr. Reid Prichett.

小学部的开学典礼上,新任学术校长Dr. Reid Prichett通过自己童年的求学经历为例,讲述了当我们表达出对周围人的善意时,才真正地体现了尊重文化多样性的价值观和清华精神。中学部的开学典礼上,他表示为了成为一名优秀的学习者,学生们要用目标性的方式去塑造大脑,进而实践国际部的核心价值观之一——积极参与、帮助他人。今后,他希望与大家一同合作,共助孩子们的成长。

At the primary school opening ceremony, Dr. Reid Prichett, the new Academic Principal, through his own childhood experiences, showed students when they express their goodwill to the people around them, they are truly embodying the values of respecting cultural diversity and the Tsinghua Spirit. At the secondary school opening ceremony, he said in order to become excellent learners, students should shape a focused mindset, establishing good relationships with their teachers, and practicing one of the core values of THIS: ENGAGEMENT. In the future, he hopes to work with everyone to help the students to grow.


Department Videos


THIS teachers presented a series of fabulous department videos to introduce themselves with their talents and skills.  The videos concluded a successful ceremony with joy and laughter.

家长会 Parents Meetings


To help new parents better adapt to life at THIS, Principal Li held parents orientations for the primary and secondary division respectively in the library.













We’re finally together

face to face 

without having to talk through a screen


on the growth of THIS students

THIS plays a crucial role 

in promoting the growth

 and training of interdisciplinary personnel

Let’s work hard together

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