THIS Volleyball Season | 一个排球,一腔热血,一往无前!

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Go for volleyball, go for youth




As a member of the International Schools Athletic Conference (ISAC), students at THIS annually participate in various sports tournaments held by international schools in and around Beijing. Among them, volleyball is one of the most popular sports in our school. For this season, boys and girls volleyball teams both won the second place of ISAC with their outstanding strength!


The majority of our players on the THIS volleyball teams are still just beginning their high school volleyball journey. They are only 15 years old on average, the age of youthfulness and chasing dreams. Recruited from all secondary grades, the players are fully engaged in practice and competition. However, they demonstrate the Tsinghua sports spirit of bravery and teamwork on the court all the while taking these same values learned from participating in organized sports to the classroom and beyond.





“Sports itself is education, sports have important education functions, physical exercise can improve physical fitness, enhance physical health, improve motor skills. Sports have a unique role in cultivating a person’s moral sentiment, implying natural moral education. Sports can also stimulate the coordinated development of multiple senses and promote brain development. In addition, sports allow people to release stress, can regulate emotions and promote the development of mental health.”

Dr. Wang Dianjun,

Principal of Tsinghua University High School



Both boys and girls had exceptional seasons this season. The teams went against some real heavyweights, with the varsity teams winning every game up to the final tournament. During the final ISAC tournaments, both the girls and boys teams earned a silver medal taking away with many lasting memories.






We hope that every student will experience the joy of sports in activities such as volleyball and grow up to fully live the THIS core values. By highlighting the nurturing value of sports, we hope to solidify the foundation of all-round development of youth. No sports, no Tsinghua!



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