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By Thursday March 4th, 2021Events, Middle School, Primary School

THIS annual Community Reads

Our annual Community Reads event is back at Fuzhong and Daoxiang Lake Campus!


In the past Community Reads events, each THIS teacher would choose a book they’d like to recommend and lead a group of students to read the book together. Within these groups, students gained insights into their books through discussions and activities.


This year, Community Reads will be held at both Fuzhong and Daoxiang Lake Campus with new and exciting updates. Over the next few weekds, the process will go as follows:

  1. Students pick the genre they would like to read
  2. Each student will select a different book in the genre
  3. Students will have two weeks to BUY a copy of the book they chose (date)
  4. Students will have two weeks to READ the book
  5. Students will share their books within their genre groups (date)
  6. All the books will be donated to the THIS Fuzhong and DL libraries to enrich the book collections!


  1. 学生们选择他们喜欢阅读的文学类型;
  2. 每位学生都可以选择这个文学类型中的不同书籍;
  3. 学生们将有两周的时间去购买他们选择的书;
  4. 然后有两周的时间来阅读这本书;
  5. 学生们将在他们选择的文学类型小组内部讨论分享他们阅读的书籍;
  6. 最后,所有的书都将分别捐赠给国际部和稻香湖校区的图书馆,以便学生们可以阅读到不同的书籍!

Not only will students be able to enjoy the fun in reading when given the chance to choose their own books and share them with others, they are also taking the first step in growing as independent readers, not to mention contributing to the growth of our library in the process.


Let’s share the books we all love with the THIS Community!

In reading, we know the world, know ourselves, and enrich our minds.

Let’s start reading! Have fun 😉

文字 Writing | Community Reads Team
排版 Editing | Mercy Xu
图片 Pictures | THIS Teachers
审核 Auditing | Shiny Wang, Donald Holder, Wenping Li

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