King of Children’s Stories Kai Shu is Coming!

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King of Children’s Stories Kai Shu is Coming!

Writing a good story is like painting

It requires skilled techniques and imagination

Each character is a stroke of the brush

Every plot is a vivid and colorful depiction


On November 15th,10:30 am

Kai Shu will meet with 

all teachers and students 

from primary school of THIS at B106

to embark on a wonderful journey

of storytelling together

and listen to his share about 

The Power of Story


Kai Shu will bring mysterious gifts to us

and share his own journey of growth

Combining it with the creative story of 

Kai Shu’s Journey to the West

He will also share insights on reading and writing

Hoping that every student can 

tell their own life story with excellence!

Introduction of 

Kai Shu

Kai Shu, a former CCTV host and renowned voice actor, has provided voices for nearly a thousand well-known TV series and movies. Some of his notable roles include Optimus Prime in Transformers and Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

“Kai Shu’s Storytelling” ,dedicated to creating high-quality brands in the field of original children’s content in China, we have formed a diversified business content ecosystem centered around the “Kai Shu’s Storytelling” app, audio hardware, books, animated films, and stage plays. The content covers various application scenarios in the lives of children aged 0-12, allowing every child to grow happily and flourish spiritually.



Let’s meet Kai Shu 

on November 15th

and learn to tell our own life story!

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