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THIS Students won S.-T. Yau High School Science Award

12月12日下午,2021丘成桐中学科学奖颁奖典礼在清华大学举行。清华附中国际部的两名12年级、一名11年级学生在此次丘成桐中学科学奖中获得2枚铜奖,其中Gavin Wang(12年级)取得物理铜奖Richard Hou(12年级), Devin Liang Chen(11年级)取得生物铜奖,从全球范围内进入总决赛的61只队伍中脱颖而出,荣获佳绩。

On December 12th, the 2021 S.-T. Yau High School Science Award was held at Tsinghua University. Two teams of THIS has won the awards out of 61 teams worldwide in the final competiton. Our 12 grader Gavin Wang won the Bronze Awards of Physics and Richard Hou (12 grader) and Devin Liang Chen (11 grader) won the Bronze award of Biology.


About the S.-T. Yau High School Science Award


The S.-T. Yau High School Science Award was founded in 2008 by Professor Qiu Chengtong, an international mathematics master, and has developed from a simple “secondary school mathematics award” to an authoritative and influential science competition for secondary school students in six disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, and economic and financial modeling. It has a significant influence at home and abroad.


The S.-T. Yau High School Science Award upholds the educational philosophy of Professor Qiu Chengtong that “the cultivation and discovery of scientific talents should start from secondary school”, and is open to secondary school students around the world. The competition is designed to stimulate students’ interest in scientific research, and to develop their ability to learn and master the fundamentals of science, attracting nearly 2,000 secondary school students from around the world to participate each year.


Resource: S.-T. Yau High School Science Award Official website )

THIS 获奖学生感言

Words from the Award Winners

Gavin Wang 物理铜奖领奖


Gavin Wang, 12th grade


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我为 2021丘成桐科学奖(物理奖)做的项目实际上是我一年半前开始的一个扩展项目的一部分。今年,我开发了一个用来自动识别系外行星候选者中的误报的数据管道。这个项目比我之前的项目涉及更多,包括深入的文献综述、大量的数据分析和计算机编程。

当我在 2021 年夏初开始做这个项目时,我就知道这个项目的困难有多大,因为我之前几乎没有这方面的经验,而且只有两个半月的时间。果然在这个项目中,我遇到了非常多的难题,但我没有放弃,通过和其他程序员一起奋斗合作,终于解决了这些问题。


The research project that I did for the 2021 S. -T. Yau Science Award (Physics Award) is actually part of an extended project that I started a year and a half ago as part of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) collaboration. This year, I developed a data pipeline that automates the analysis of images for identifying false positives among exoplanet candidates. This project was much more involved than my previous projects, consisting of an in-depth literature review, large amounts of data analysis, and computer programming. 

When I started working on this project at the start of summer 2021, I knew there was a risk that I wouldn’t be able to complete it, both because I had virtually no prior experience in this area and because of the short 2.5-month timeframe that I faced. I encountered many obstacles along the way, but was eventually able to overcome them with perseverance and help from other programmers in the TESS collaboration. 

Overall, this project has greatly increased my interest in astronomy, and has made me realize the interdisciplinary connections between math, computer science, and physics/astronomy. As I major in physics in college and continue to conduct research in astronomy, I’ll also devote time to learning in these related fields to help me tackle more advanced projects.

Richard Hou, Devin Chen 生物铜奖领奖


Richard Hou, 12th grade


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    这次的参赛同时也让我对生物的兴趣越发浓烈,从一开始的“哦,我觉得生物学起来好轻松好有趣,那我以后就学生物吧!” 到后来的自我怀疑为什么自己实验永远做不出来再到最后对科研的认知以及有着自己对不同生物问题的理解、想法、和意义的解读,我感觉此次比赛让我未来喜爱的方向更加清晰明了,让我更加的有动力。

Devin and I had attended the biology track for the 2021 Yau award competition. The most valuable harvest/ lessons that I have learn throughout this process will definitely be the difficulties of doing scientific research and the power of biology. This experience not only teaches me how much work a scientific research requires, but it also promote critical thinking among biological problems these days. 

At the start, I wasn’t expecting much, I just want to use my own knowledge to maybe solve or help detect a biological problem that is harmful to the society. So every time that I got promoted I was very excited and even insane, and the bronze award that I had got this time was way over my expectations. 

One part that I think I had developed a lot on maybe the ability to be patient and critical. This process taught me what is scientific research. It is definitely not something that can be success on the first trials, there are always thousands and even millions of failing behind. 

This competition promote my overall interest toward biology and change my opinion of “O biology is easy to learn and it is fun, so I should aim it as my intended major” to having my own interesting idea and recognition toward different biological problems. I felt like this competition make my future clearer, and cause me to have more motivation.


Devin Chen, 11th grade


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The most important thing about the Yau Shing Tung Science Award is the ability to manage time. We had to conduct scientific research align with completing our schoolwork, so we inevitably run out of time. One of the most memorable times for me was the week or two before the final defense, when I had two exams and four projects to do, I even thought of giving up, but finally I gritted my teeth and insisted on completing a series of tasks and preparing all the materials needed for the defense. My advice for junior students is that work on your time managing and don’t stay up late!


Encourage students’ independent innovation and cultivate their research spirits


    Science is a path of pursuing truth and rigor, and Tsinghua University has many scientists who are diligent in their scientific research and climb to the top. So, THIS also encourages students to conduct independent research, use their independent and critical thinkings and innovative skills to pursue excellence in academic learning, and work tirelessly to “reach the top”.


    At the secondary study, THIS students are able to participate in the S.-T. Yau High School Science Award, which is a great incentive for students’ interests in scientific research. When the students hold the award in their hands, it is like holding the key to their future scientific journey, guiding their future direction and planting the seeds of scientific research in their hearts.


    THIS is committed to fostering international talents with profound understanding, rich creativity, and comprehensive development of discipline and quality. We hope that our students will be guided by the core values of “Exploration and Innovation” and follow the example of outstanding scientists at home and abroad, and navigate with the spirits of science, so that they will have constant motivation to advance in their future studies and research.

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